April 17, 2009


DAMNIT! My dog is missing again! I got home from work to be informed that it is thought he went missing last night before we went to bed. He is a beagle and if he catches a scent he's out like Ryan Seacrest. We picked up a stray a while back until we found it's owner and the stray taught our dog how to open our front door. Pfft. Do you see what you have done?! Thanks for nothing doggy, and the kids for not paying better attention! NOW I am going sick with worry and am wondering if I will ever see him again. :( There is no telling where he is by now. The last time he did this we found him miles away hiding in a pile of brush. It was a miracle we found him and I doubt that will happen again. I am just worried sick! What if he can't find his way home? What if a stranger snatches him up or worse!!!! How does someone deal with this? How will I sleep knowing he's out there somewhere? UGH! If he doesn't return home in 3 days I'll need therapy.