January 23, 2007

The Dog Bounty Hunters

Oh my goodness....what a day. Last night we posted fliers all over town for our missing dog. We also ran a lost ad in the newspaper. No one called except a few people who had found dogs, none that matched Wrigley's description though. My husband called the animal shelter and the man said that a "dog catcher" had gotten a call on a dog that was interupting traffic about 4 miles from our home. He described him and his collar and we knew it had to be Wrigley. He said he couldn't catch him but shooed him away from the road. BUT he said that all of this happened 3 hours prior. I was so worried he was far gone by the time we got there, plus it was getting dark.

My husband and oldest son were in one car and me and the other boys in another. We searched every field and neighborhood that he could be in within the vicinity. We yelled his name like a bunch of crazies. Imagine that. After a couple of hours I had a feeling he was gone for good...even after the great lead. Then I drive through a park area and there was a dead end that went off to the side. I was going to just go straight but something told me to turn down that road and there at the end of it was my oldest son (they had the same idea as me) looking in a brush pile and as soon as I got out of the car he reached into the brush and pulled out Wrigley. Sigh! He said he saw something rustle in the bush. It's a miracle. We hadn't even seen him, nor were we chasing him. We had just heard he was in the 'area' and what a huge area it was! Of all the places, my son just so happened to walk past that brush pile. Wow. It's a miracle he's ok and even more of a miracle that we found him. I don't know how he navigated the city without getting hit by a car. Wrigley was really shaken up. He was shaking so hard and seemed so scared. He also seems so tired and glad to be home and we are thrilled. He's done nothing but stay at my feet and sleep in his puppy pillow for a few hours. :-) Now I can rest soundly knowing my baby is safe and at home. Prayer really does work.