January 21, 2007

Poor George!

Last Thursday was a new episode of Grey's and I always talk about the show and recap so I figured I'd do it now since I know I won't have the time this week.

I'll try to remember all that happened. It was hilarious whenever George went to the refigerator and noticed the check was missing and started looking around on the floor for it. I was cracking up. He thought Izzy lost it or something. Too cute! George's dad.....sigh! What a sad moment for him and his family. Knowing there was nothing they could do and having to pull the plug on him. I loved the speech he gave to Bailey and Weber..."He didn't know better! You knew better!" That was so sad and you felt yourself yelling inside right along with him. Izzy getting involved with the scoliosis pt...she did the right thing. I mean walking around in a 90 degree position forever....that's not a good quality life. Cristina and Burke finally opening up to eachother....somewhat. I loved how she brought his meal to him trying to see if his hand would shake when he took it from her ....genious...lol. Never underestimate Cristina. I don't really know what's going to happen to him after his gay slurs. I wonder if the network will fire him. I know TR Knight and Katherine Heigl are upset by his comments. (You tube-see TR Knight on Ellen) I, too am angry I'm not even gay, but I'm still offended that he can be so racist and verbal about it...and lying that he said it on top of that. Just cop to it so you can move on dude. Sorry if there are a lot of typos in my posts. My wireless mouse doesn't have a good connection and a lot of letters are left out of my words. Oh well.

I can't remember anything else from Grey's right now. I'm tired and not thinking clearly. Maybe tomorrow I'll come in and edit to add more. I do remember that it was a good episode though...as always. I love Grey's Anatomy. I hope the squabble doesn't hurt the show. Until next time...Work hard and play hard!