January 6, 2007

Keep on Keepin' On

It's late and I'm not tired. Ever since I've been out of school I've been on this weird schedule. I stay up late and want to sleep late and I hate sleeping in. I like getting up early and if I don't then it ruins my day. I hope I can get back on schedule by the time school starts in 11 days, 264 hours and 15,840 minutes from now. Yes, I'm counting...and dreading. I'm being pessimistic, I know, but without it I wouldn't survive. It's how I cope. I always feel dread before the beginning of a semester and I always think I'll fail all of my tests. Before every exam I proclaim that "I'm going to fail, I just know it!" Then I hear from everyone, "You always say that". Granted, I haven't failed a test yet, but someday I will and then I can look at all those people and say... I told you so! Ha ha. At least I can now tell people I'll be graduating this year, that's a positive right? Wonder how many minutes until then? Nevermind, I don't want to know.

Even though I'm going to hate going back to stress town I am excited to see some of my classmate friends again. They speaka my language and they know my pain. It's hard talking to civilians about this nursing school/boot camp life because they just don't understand it and I don't expect them to. You may as well be speaking Yiddish. Heck, half the time I don't even understand it myself. LOL If I had to explain it, I'd liken nursing school to jogging up a mountain for months at a time without stopping. At first you have some steam and you're moving at an ok pace. (This is usually over by the 1st day)You run into all kinds of rough terrain but you find a way around it. (Instructors, skill tests, 6am clinicals) As time goes on you feel like you've been running in the same spot for weeks.(Mid-term blues) You're out of energy and you're running on fumes. (Coffee and vending machine food) You look around and see your fellow classmates and they're all huffin' and puffin' right along with you and you keep on treckin'. (Looks like Jane may need some oxygen, she's way back there) Finally you start to see the top (I can only miss 10 on the final or else I fail the class!) and after another upward, rocky climb you finally make it. (Shew, I missed 9!) You collapse in exhaustion, but you're elated. You don't know whether to laugh, cry or hit something. (I did all three) You're just d*mn glad it's OVER! (For a few weeks anyway) You look down that mountain and see everything you accomplished all you surpassed to get to the top. (How the hell did I do that without medication?)And you then realize you forgot something at the bottom and have to go back....just kidding!

Ok, enough of my stories. Let me just tell all you people who don't think this is difficult and who like to compare it to "regular" college classes that you are just plain stupid....just kidding again...let me just say that until you have walked a mile in a nursing students shoes you should never say such a thing because it might result in a harmful injury.
Nursing diagnosis: Impaired mobility: related to being hit in the knee with a heavy Littman stethoscope.

He he he...THE END!