January 4, 2007

I'm gonna miss you sucka

Here's a picture of my clinical group, minus one. I think she was sick that day, anyway....that's our teach in the pink. She turned out to be a really cool lady, but I'm glad we won't be going back there. LOL The unit was great, but I'm ready for something else.

Well, I found out one of my nursing home girls isn't coming back next semester. (She's the one in the front, on the right in the photo) I'm sad about it, she and I had many a laughs and screw ups at clinical together. We could figure out how to draw up meds and give shots, but neither of us knew how to refill the coke machine/dispenser and we ended up with syrup all over our pristine white uniforms. Classic! It's nice to be around people who don't take their selves so seriously and she was my partner in crime. We'd always meet up in the hallway and tell eachother about the stupid things we did or said and laugh till we were in tears. Sometimes life throws things at you and knocks you off course, but everything happens for a reason. I wish her well and hope she goes back to school to finish someday. Peace out sista!