January 19, 2007

Overwhelming 1st week

How is it possible to be overwhelmed after the 1st week of school? Well, I am. My micro class, as I'm quickly discovering, is going to take a lot of my time. I'm not worried about failing that class so much as I'm worried that the class is going to take time away from my nursing class and damage my grade. At this point I don't care if I get a C in both classes...I just want to pass. C= RN too as they say. SO far in 203 we've covered all of the lower GI and begun oncology/cancer. I have so much homework and 2 quiz's coming up in micro this week. I have my 1st nursing test over oncology and lower GI next Friday. I have gotten some of the homework done and plan on spending the weekend finishing it, studying for the quiz on Monday, finishing my GI and oncology notes and try to understand what in the hell I am reading at the same time. Overwhelmed....understatement.

My youngest son's 4th birthday is this coming Wednesday and I'm so excited for him. He's my little angel. I can't believe he is almost 4. It makes me want to cry. I loved his baby age and his toddler years and I'm not ready for him to transition into childhood. He's starting to speak like an adult saying things like....I'm angry at you mom and you're my bestest friend evew. Yes he says ever like evew. So cute! He told me the other day that he wanted some possibilities. I had no idea what he was talking about so he took me to the cabinet and pointed at the Campbell's Soup can and said see mom...possibilities. What a little doll baby! Don't ya just love those commercials? My twin boys, who are 10, both made the A/B honor roll and I'm so proud. One of them was one point away from straight A's....that teacher ripped him off. What a bummer. He has such a great work ethic. He comes home, begins his homework and never complains or has to even be told to do it. He's 10! When I was 10 I was hiding my homework in my desk and telling my teacher my dog ate it or that space aliens transported it to mars....or something else equally ridiculous. My oldest son is doing ok in school. He's in the 6th grade and I think that middle school is a challenging time for him. He hates to read so his reading class grade has taken a dive but the others are pretty good. I worry about him and his adjusting to so much independence and responsibility. In grade school you're held accountable for everything. ...we had to sign their homework every night and now he just says he did it all at school. Whatever...I wasn't born yesterday...I had those same excuses. Regardless, he is a pretty good kid. Spoiled, but good. My son will be 13 this year and I'm only 31. I had him young and it's as if we grew up together more than anything else. We argue sometimes like brother and sister and we're so much alike we often times clash. More than often. A lot. I don't know if it's because he's coming upon his teens or what but he's being such a brat. LOL He asked for a cell phone for Christmas and I was really hesitant...I mean come on!!!! "But everyone else has one!" SO of course I gave in but the gift came with restrictions....lots of them. It's going to be a rough road raising 3 teens at once and now that puberty is starting to rear it's ugly head I'm getting scared. I sometimes feel only 18 myself. lol I have to admit that I am a strict mom. All of my boys have game time restrictions, homework and chore rules etc... , but some kids are harder to mold than others. My oldest is definitely on of those kids. He thinks he knows everything and it cracks me up sometimes. The frightening thing is....sometimes he does know everything. He's an adult in a 12 year old body and always has been. Anyway.....that's my life being the mom of 4 boys. It's crazy, fun, hilarious and maddening but I enjoy all of it. Every single day I hear them say something or see something that puts me in a different perspective and it's nice. It wasn't long ago I was their age and going through the same feelings and things. I just hope, as all parents do, that I'm doing right by them and that they grow to be open-minded and well-rounded. I know they're compassionate and good...everyone tells me so and they're right ...they're awesome good natured kids, I just hope they become great men.

Sorry about the typos, I'm tired.