January 22, 2007

Our darling dog Wrigley has went missing. (He's in the orange.) He got out sometime this morning through a gate that wasn't secured properly and we can't find him anywhere. The bad thing is...my husband had to go to work and I had to go to school, so all day I was thinking about him and wishing I could leave that stupid class and go look for my dog. As soon as I was finished with class and got back to town I drove all over the place searching with no luck. It's dark now and there's nothing we can really do, but my husband is out posting flyers hoping that someone, anyone can provide a clue. It's cold out, and I know he's hungry and misses us and I worry he just can't find his way. This is terrible, he's a part of our family. How can I cope not knowing? He's been a part of our family for a little over 2 years and he's the best dog I have ever had. I was just telling someone this yesterday before he was gone. All I want to do is cry. He has a tag on with our address, his vet's office and our phone numbers which leads me to believe that no one has found him or maybe someone did but didn't think to stop him or anything. And of course I have all kinds of other terrible thoughts too.......

I just hope that whoever finds him is an honest person and wouldn't keep him for themselves or something. I'm desperate and afraid and just don't know what to do. I just want to know where he is. Knowing is better than not knowing anything. I've heard some dogs will come back after a few days. I hope this is one of those cases.


Anonymous said...

I hope you find your dog - I'd be lost without mine.

from a student in her 3rd week of an ADN program