January 12, 2007


I got an email today from my instructors saying that we had 2 care plans to complete by our 1st day of class. We aren't even back to school yet and they're already loading us down with assignments. ARG!!! What if we pretended like we didn't get the email? What would they do about it? I don't want to spend my last few days of "freedom" doing care plans. Save it for clinical....geesh! Nursing instructors assume we don't have a life outside of school, not to mention other classes. Example: I am also taking micro this semester and my 1st day in that class is Wednesday and guess what? They scheduled clinical orientation on Wed from 6-5. Hello...some of us do have other classes! Our clinicals aren't even on Wed. they're on Thursdays....so why not have our orientation then when we are scheduled to do it? What do they expect those of us who have a Wed class to do...miss it? Anyway...I just needed to vent. I had my weekend all planned out and now I'll spend it doing those care plans....which I hate to do. Yes, I know it helps the nurse to think critically and all that other stuff...but save it for when we're back in school and you have my time because until the first official day of school I'm not yours! Maybe this is their way of preparing us for reality. Many nurses I know are called in on their days off and are made to feel crappy if they say no. I, however, will not feel bad about saying no, in fact I might not answer the phone at all. LOL Maybe I'll just play dumb and act like I didn't get the email...LOL That'd be nice, but I'm sure I'll complete them because that's the kind of slave I am.

While I'm already venting there are a few other things I need to get off of my chest. As part of our clinical hours we were told we had to go to the site the night before to get our assignments. This really isn't a problem for me because I happen to live in the town where I do my clinical...but what about the ones who don't live here? I go to school about 30 miles from where I live and a lot of the students who are actually doing their rotation in my city don't live here, meaning they will have to drive 30 + miles every Wed night just to get handed a piece of paper with their patients on it. Last semester we were emailed our assignments from our instructor. I just hope that I don't ever have a clinical 30 miles from here and have to drive there just to get my sheet of paper...I think I'd be extremely upset about it. There...I've said my piece. I'm finished venting and I feel better already....not really, but what can ya do?

Onto other things...I think my house is haunted. I won't go into details about the happenings just now, but I will say that my ghost friend likes to scare the crap out of me while I'm alone. Where are TAPS when you need them? I think I'll do a little investigating on my own and let you know what I find. I just hope that I don't hear or see anything. If I saw a full on apparition I'd lose all bladder control. On the other hand, I don't like feeling like something is there, but not seeing it either. I don't think the spirit is a bad one, but good or bad I don't like noisy invisible shit.

This reminds me of something comedian Mitch Hedberg says " I think Big Foot really is blurry, and a big out of focus monster roaming around the countryside is scary."



Drofen said...

LMAO at noisy invisible shit.