January 13, 2007

McSexy Pants

I was so busy complaining in my last post that I forgot to mention the new episode of Grey's Anatomy. Speaking of Grey's....check out those pics of McDreamy/Patrick Dempsey....Sigh! Need I say more? The images speak for themselves.
Now that I've regained my composure, let's talk about the episode. First of all..what's with all the lying/covering up on the show? Cristina lied about helping Burke...Burke lied about his hand...Dr Bailey and the chief are lying/witholding from George about his dad etc...etc... It seems like these people are always keeping something from someone and the something that they are keeping is going to create a lot of problems in the future. Did that make sense? Anyway, I feel so bad for George, he's going to be so hurt when he finds out about his father and what Miranda and the Chief did, but he knows what's going to happen...inevitably. He's a Dr and sometimes being a Dr or a nurse can be inconvenient because they know what can and will happen. Sometimes it's best to be ignorant. I wish George were ignorant about his dad's illness. I hate to see him struggle the way he is. I loved how Callie has stood by him during everything, she really does love him. I also loved the part where George was checking the catheter bag awaiting the urine and when it cam Callie and George jumped up and down all excited and then kissed eachother. Only people in the medical profession can really appriciate and understand how important that urine can be. It made me smile.
Izzy at the bank depositing that 9 million dollar check of Denny's.....she played that scene so well. I wanted to cry right along with her. It was as if that was all she had left of Denny and she was finally letting it go. Metaphorically she had to deposit that check so she could move on in her career and life now didn't she? I saw in the previews she was going to want to pay for that girls spinal surgery and Miranda was telling her not to get personally involved again. Sigh...oh Izzy, your heart is too big. The man at the bank was hilarious, he looked at her as if she was crazy and well, she kinda was in that moment. I think having that much money can sometimes be more of a burden than a relief. It comes with great responsability, I just hope she keeps some for herself. LOL
The Cristina/Burke thing was really cute and touching. She kept trying to get everyone to ask how his hand was doing for her because she was too proud to ask herself. He wasn't falling for it. They were both too stubborn to speak the first word because then the other would 'win'. I loved how at the end of the episode they were both just laying there staring at eachother, neither saying one word. It spoke volumes about their relationship...this is why I love the show. One look says more than words and Shonda Rhimes gets that and executes it with perfection.
Speaking of looks...the way that McDreamy looks at Merideth...he doesn't even have to open his mouth. His eyes speak volumes. I bet they could have a show where all he did was stare into the camera lens and people would watch and be just as intrigued as if he were speaking. His style is so subtle, but so moving. Sigh..again. I love him. When he and Mer were talking by the nurses station and she tells him about her abandonment issues and that he has to sleep with her from now on and all he says is 'ok'.....perfect!!!!!! They should sell him in a jar.
OMG..I almost forgot about Alex and Addison! I can't believe they almost kissed, I mean I knew it was coming, but it was still a shocker...the sweetest moment. I've never seen Alex so vulnerable. She asked why he left the plastics (or something) and he said...because he was mean to you. Awwww...what a softie. When he backed out of the room....hehehe.
If you haven't seen this episode or any of them...head on over to www.abc.com to watch all of them. If you aren't a fan now, then you will be. It's the best show on television.
If you haven't noticed I updated my blog ..I'm still trying to get it right. It might be a while as I havent' a lot of time.
Peace out.