February 19, 2009


So tomorrow I am attending a wedding. Yea, on a Friday....pretty dumb if you ask me. Thing is, I have to go because it's a family member and my son is in the wedding.

Here are all the reasons why I think this wedding on a Friday is stupid:

a) my kids are having to miss school (as if they haven't missed enough with the ice storm)
b) it is 2 hours away, which causes a whole other batch of issues such as: hotel or not to hotel? which is extra money on top of the tuxes, gas etc
c) pictures are at 11am and the wedding isn't until 7pm.
d) what will we do for about 6 hours in between is unknown
e) most everyone who lives out of town, or who are in the wedding will have to miss work
f) it's highly inconvenient for a myriad of reasons
g) it's supposed to snow
h) they aren't even having alcohol (LOL)
i) it's just silly to have a wedding on a Friday
I am annoyed and inconvienced.


Drofen said...

I have a pair of friends who got married on the evening of Christmas day...ugh.

Sorry your tomorrow is going to be so taxing.

Christy said...

Christmas Day? That is much worse. Why do people do such things is beyond me.