February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Suckas!

For all you sentimental fools out there....Happy Valentines Day. I am getting out of town for a few days for a little romanticism of my own. It's time for a little R&R trip of shopping, dining and doing nothing specific, which is exactly the kind of thing I enjoy....unplanned leisure. By the way, is not making a plan essentially having a plan?

I don't normally get too worked up over Valentine's related things. I don't buy into the candy and flowers schtick too often. I get flowers all the time, which is nice, but they just die. I guess it's the gesture of doing something sweet for someone that counts. If I'm given a simple heartfelt card, it means just as much to me as some grand gesture of adoration. I'm pretty simple I suppose. Speaking of greeting cards, I bet you'll see an awful lot of men at the local Hallmark today. Ladies if you wonder where your man is, check the card aisle. I imagine you'll find him there scurrying through a bunch of left over cards to find the 'perfect' one. That's where I'll find my husband no less. He he. But as I said, it's the thought that counts. Oh, and a Victoria's Secret gift card is never a bad idea either. ;)And none of those fuzzy handcuffs, edible panties, or the like, k?

Just a few random & sweet Valentine memories from my past:

~In high school my boyfriend sent me a 5 foot tall teddy bear with 14 balloons attatched. It took up a whole seat on the school bus.

~Someone wrote me a song once, and sang it with his guitar in the middle of a mall. It was very sweet, but kind of embarassing.

~I once bought someone one of those gigantic 3 foot tall greeting cards and flew with it half way across the United States. It was a bad idea....

~I was once given a pair of expensive diamond earings. I fell asleep with them in my hand, I have never seen them since. A part of me has always wondered if he took them back.

~Yes, I was once given some fuzzy pink handcuffs and edible undies....he actually thought it was a good gift.

Those were just a few of my most memorable things.....what are yours???

I hope everyone has a romantic and sweet Valentines day and that you get to spend it with the one you love tomorrow. :)

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Drofen said...

I have been told I have a mysterious appointment on Wednesday morning.

If I had to guess, I'd say I'm probably in for the treat of getting my back and/or eyebrows waxed.

Happy Valentines Day indeed...