February 17, 2009

I Love...I Love....ACHOO!!!!!!!

My Valentines weekend was very pleasent. If I could decribe it in one word it would be "reconnection". It was nice to get to hang out with my husband without having kids interupting our conversations or asking where we were going or when we would get there or how long we'd be there. We just did as we pleased for 4 days straight and it was nice.

The hotel we stayed at was very hip and swanky, complete with 4 shower heads in the shower and all. I felt like I was standing under a waterfall. Ooh la la! The bed....it was down on top of down on top of a cloud decending from a celestial universe named "Ahhhh". I was enveloped in layers of softness to a degree in which my body has never felt. I thought I had died and gone to linen heaven. Soon after we left, my husband and I went and bought our own "cloud", but trying to recreate it has proven difficult. I will let you know when we find the correct recipe for comfort.

Unfortunately our Valentines weekend took a turn for the worse when I began coming down with some sort of chest and head cold. Just my luck. Every time we plan any kind of trip I seem to come down with an illness. But that didn't stop him from trying to exaust all of his romantic resources, no siree. Wink. I'm a trooper, runny nose and all. Sooooo sexy, eh?

Overall I would give my weekend an A-. The minus is for all the times I had to cough and blow my nose (a million!). I realize I did too much this weekend because my body is currently paying the price. I feel as if I was run over by a truck. I'm sore, achy, coughy, sneezy, dopey, grumpy and sickly.

We rounded off our little getwaway with a drug test. I had to swing by my new place of employment and pee in a cup. I passed. It was so romantic...