February 7, 2009


Tonight and tomorrow are my last nights of working the night shift....EVER! Well, let's hope forever. Not only am I glad to be leaving night shift, but I am feeling relief to be leaving that place altogether. I have mentioned this to only a handful of people. There are family members that don't yet know I'm getting a new job yet, so please don't mention this on my myspace or facebook. Not that anyone would....just sayin'.

I went out with my girls from work last night for a little going away party thing. Let's put it this way....I feel like crap right now. I don't think I've felt this bad for a very long time. I'm swearing off alchohol and bars for eternity. They're bad. Bad I say! It was fun at the moment, but I'm paying the price now. Ugh. :/

I had to fight with myself not to call in sick, because I am, but then that would just seem like I'm trying to get out of my last nights of work, so I didn't. I hope I can make it through the night. I'm still feeling slightly dizzy and dehydrated. Oy!

Quote of the day: "Just say NO to shots!"


running wildly said...

Ahahahahaha. That'll learn ya! I like your last quote.....one might need to specify which kind of shots to decline.
Hope you're feeling better now. A strong cup of coffee and a bubble bath has always helped me.