February 22, 2009

My Thoughts...

I just finished watching the Academy Awards and I must say it was quite good this year. I only fast fowarded through some boring stuff only a couple of times. Who really cares about sound mixing anyway?

Hugh Jackman was a great host. I loved all of the musical performances, he's just so talented...and sexy as hell. Wooooo!

Moving along....I'm so, so happy Kate Winslett won best actress for The Reader. I had the opportunity to watch it last night and her performance was, again, amazing. She has so much range, I just love her. I still think Leo was robbed for Revolutionary Road, but what's done is done. The Reader is a quiet movie, and a character driven film, which are my favorite type. When I say she has range I mean it, because I didn't care much for the character of Hannah, but Kate's performance of her was perfection. It's nearly impossible not to like Kate, but you quite possibly have no sympathy for her character which is why she's such a great actress.

Slumdog Millionaire was the biggest winner of the night with best director, cinemetography, film and so on. It was well deserved. I've also seen that movie and I loved it. It's such an optomistic, touching love story and the message spans from India to stories all over the world. The cinemetography was beautiful, creative and guided the film's emotions. It was brilliant.

On another topic...I start my orientation tomorrow for my new job. I have to be up so early. It's the extreme of my other night shift job. Let's hope I can get up on time. I don't do well with alarms.

I hope all is well...