May 22, 2007

The Bachelor Season Finale

Well, I just finished watching....thanks DVR! I have a lot to say about this finale show. From the beginning, Tessa was my favorite. I thought she was there for the right reasons and not because she wanted to 'win' a game show. I also thought that Andy was there for the right reasons and not because he wanted to be in a reality show. Having said that, I am happy he chose Tessa. HOWEVER...I don't know why they have to edit the show always in the favor of the 'unchosen one' to throw off the viewers. Maybe it adds shock value, but then the audience is kind of dissapointed because the producers have seduced them into believing he is swaying the other way. So basically, it leaves one dissapointed because we watched a romance unfold that may or may not have been completely authentic. I would much rather have seen Andy and Tessa and their most romantic moments and all the things combined that led to falling in love and having him ultimately asking her to marry him. That's huge and for them to leave us out of the loop that way is just mean damnit!

Onto the episode... Bevin started growing on me in the last couple of episodes, although I did feel she came on a bit strong. This episode I thought Andy was reciprocating those feelings and that made me think that THEY were in love. I mean, he did say..."I'm sooo in love" and "I love you" to Bevin, then he turns around and says the same things to Tessa!? Er...ok. The look on his face when Bevin told him she loved him was priceless, he really looked like he was in drunk love with her. Maybe he was, and I believe he very well may have been. What chose him to chose Tessa over someone he kept reiterating that he had these 'electric' feelings with? Maybe it was her religion, the fact that she had been married before, her nose. I don't know, but he had his reasons and there is a lot that we didn't get to see, so were left to be happy for him...I guess.

When she stepped out of that limo I felt her vulnerable emotions. I did. And when he told her that he had a stronger love connection with Tessa I kind of felt as though I too, had been punched in the gut. She looked as thought she was going to stop breathing....sigh. Haven't we all felt that way before? It makes you want to vomit. Ugh...she couldn't even say a word. Not one single syllable she was so heartbroken. And what could she say? Sometimes saying nothing says everything and in this case it said a lot. Hell, I think Andy's heart was broken too and his rejecting her was mor emotional than him asking Tessa to be his wife forever and eternity. Is that how it's suppose to be? I hope he didn't make a mistake, regarless of how I felt about who he should choose. Who are we to decide anyway? You could tell it was a very difficult decision for him. So sad.

The proposal. It was sweet, but I was waiting for Tess to drop to her knees and cry her little eyes out...but she didn't. I would have just at the site of that ring. YOWSA! Ha! Seriously, if the love of your life looks at you and asks you to be his forever...wouldn't you want to just weap with joy. I would have. Maybe this is all 'edited' again...whatever.

Tomorrow night is the After The Final Rose thing. I hope Bevin isn't there, she should just go find her someone who can care for her and leave this behind her. I think seeing them together will only be like a MILLION KNIVES STABBING HER IN HER FRACTURED HEART. Could you imagine? And on national tv? No thanks.