May 4, 2007

Finding Ways to Procrastinate...It's Easy

Ok, so I've tried the do-it-yourself html stuff and as you can see I haven't really got the hang of it, but atleast I learned a few things eh? (I have to admit, it's kind of addicting and this has came about at a really bad time...) There are some glitches, I believe the smiley nurse flashes as if any minute she'll be transported back to her homeland, but I haven't figured out how to fix it. Let me know if it looks like this when you view it too. If nothing or something really strange is showing up on your browser, please let me know that as well. For cool tips and tricks on how to personalize your own blog go here:

But please don't click there if you have a final exam in 2 days like I's a bad, bad site! I repeat...enter at your own risk!