May 29, 2007

When I Grow Up...

I started my online music class today. It's going to be soooo cake. (No offense to any music aficionados out there!) For the first assignment I had to listen to Handel's Conqu'ring Hero Comes and break it down into blocks and describe the composition. Um....alrighty. First of all, it gave step-by-step instructions so it took me about 10 minutes to do. Anyhow, I already completed the rest of the week's assignments. Yay me! This is a "go at your own pace" course and it was described that as long as assignments were up-to-date by midterm then we'd be ok. SO if this is the case I would like to do all of the assignments this weekend and not worry about it for a while......maybe. ;-) Heh.

A friend of mine is getting fertility treatments and has asked me to give her IM (intermuscular) injections to her. I already gave one, it was fun. I know this isn't a big deal, but when you aren't in clinical you jump at the chance to do anything "nursey". During clinical I would average about 5-10 injections a big deal, now I'm itching to get to stick one really long 18 gauge in someone's arse. Let me at em! I'm a freak.

I think I've decided what I want to be when I grow up. An OB Nurse. I have contemplated this for a while and every time I imagine myself in my role as a nurse that is what I picture. Me with lots of screaming, crying, wrinkly, cute ass babies, oh and their mothers too of course. :-) I don't believe I have ever pictured anything else. I don't know why it took me so long to realize this, but it did. I have had 4 children, well 3 deliveries, but 4 kids nontheless. Everytime I had a baby (or two) I remember those nurses. I remember their compassion, their concern, their helping hands in my time of need. I want to be that person for my patients. I want to be there because I know what it's like and how vulnerable, scary and joyous that time is. It's a very emotional time. Everytime I had one of my sons I cried, and everytime I remember seeing some tears in their eyes too. To be there at the beginning, or the unfotunate end, of someone's precious life would be a very special gift.

I realize that OB nursing isn't all fun and joy. I also like the aspect of the nursing care as well. Caring for two lives instead of just one presents an enormous challenge and responsability and I love that. I also love that at any moment a mom can go into surgery (not that I want that to happen obviously), but to have the opportunity to scrub in would be pretty cool as well. I just like it, and it's the reason I even wanted to be a nurse in the first place, so I don't know why I ever considered anything else. Obviously this isnt' a sure thing. Nothing in life is, but if I had my first choice it would be OB.

OB Pro: Observing the miracle of life. Yay!
OB Con: Va-jay-jay's all day long. Nay!

We'll see...