May 19, 2007


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You mean to actually tell me that this made the NEWS??? For heaven's sake. Give little Homer his stuffed animals and his damn PB&J and shut the hell up! Why is it that in Hollywood once one person becomes more successful than the other in a relationship they seem to split? Where are those old fashioned values? Doesn't any of these people ever listen to Tammy Wynette? Stand By Your Man. Geez. I guess it's all about Women's Lib. She didn't worry much about the lib part when she was down and out and found roaming the desert talking about aliens and shit did she? I can't believe I'm even mentioning this on my blog.

Moving on.... I was surfing on today...before I elaborate...isn't that the best site ever? And I was reading about the NCLEX. Can you say PANIC? As I was reading I started to sweat and then I had to run to the bathroom, because apparently my PNS had kicked in. (Did I just say that?) I started reading about so and so reviewed with Kaplan, some Saunders, some Mosby's and I just felt like I was on info overload. I know the NCLEX (nursing state boards) is a long way off, but I thought I'd get a head start and all I got was a headACHE. They say that no matter how many questions you get (60,75,82,265 etc..) it doesn't determine whether you pass or fail. If I'm going to fail, I'd rather just have the 75. That way I won't have to spend an extra couple of hours with tachycardia, tachypnea and panic level anxiety. I was reading about the computer adaptive test and only somewhat understand it. What I do know is that if you answer a question right it will continue to give you harder questions until you get one wrong and then it adjusts and gives you easier ones. So basically, the harder and crappier the test is for you the better? 'They say' that you should walk away thinking it was the hardest test of your life and this is suppose to be a good sign. Hmm...alrighty. I'm scared now, so thanks all you scary people. I think every nursing test I take is some of the hasrdest. It seems to only get worse as you go along and so far so good so does that mean I am more prepared for the NCLEX? Ha! Let me just say this....if I don't pass this test on the first try I will be devastated, heartbroken, embarrassed, fearful and downright ashamed of myself. How can you go into the 2nd test feeling confident if you failed the first one? Ugh. I feel for those people, as those people could be me. You never know. The magnitude of it all is just too much. Spending more than 3 years preparing for that moment, that day of the state boards. What a burden, what a nightmare. I hope I'm prepared. Most of what I read was that a lot of people had many prioritizing questions and they said that ABC's didn't help in those questions. I need to brush up on that for sure. I read that a lot of ppl had delegation etc... I guess I should also refresh myself on LPN, CNA scopes of practice as of right now it's a lil foggy.

p.s. went to see Shrek 3 tonight. Don't waste your money, I never even laughed outloud, although it is cute. Wait for the DVD. On the upside, my 4 year old Aidan got to see his "big movie" for the first time and just watching his face made my night. He kept telling me "Shhh Mommy, we gotta be quiet." So cute!

p.s.s. my husband wanted me to clarify about the PNS thing. He thought I misspelled PMS....I wasn't talking about PMS. Although, I do have that at times too, I was speaking in regards to the peripheral nervous system and the effects it has on your bowels. Now...have I embarassed myself enough yet?

Here's a vid to cheer us all up. It's full of happiness and light: (tee hee hee)


Anonymous said...

Can we get another one of your great insights? No new posts from the hottest blogger on the Net?

Congrats on this past semester.

Soulshine ....RN to be (hopefully) said...

Great insights eh? Hottest blogger on the net eh? Ok I mean ANONYMOUS. Tee hee hee.