May 7, 2007

I'm a Senior Y'all !

Yes, you read it right. I said y'all in my blog title AND I passed my nursing final!! WOOT! Dancing the jig. Jig, jig, jig. First of all let me say, THAT WAS THE HARDEST FINAL IN THE HISTORY OF ALL FINALS EVER ON EARTH! Secondly, I missed 21 out of 100 and in order to pass the test you couldn't miss more than 22. I skimmed by. Although I didn't do fantastic, it seemed to be the average miss, perhaps we all missed the same ones....hmm. My exam grade was a 79% and my final grade in the class is an 88% I believe. BUT they said they may throw out some questions, so maybe, just maybe, I'll squeak by with a 91 and end up with an A for NSG 203. If I don't, a high B is fine with me. (Ok, just checked my email, they threw out 2 questions which means I got an 81 or something for the exam and they took 2 answers for 2 other questions but didn't elaborate and said check email regularly for there ya go).

Oh yes, don't mean to toot my own horn but I was awarded the Dean's List Award....complete with pin and certificate. Groovy baby! I got an invitation to honors night and at the last minute opted out so I could study instead. Why do you think I'm on the Dean's List people? LOL That was such a joke! Seriously though, I didn't go because I knew I needed to study for the final so I called a friend and she told me what I got. Being as I played hookie from high school atleast once a week and spent my lunch money on cigarettes and candy, I think the Dean's list is pretty good.

As far as I know everyone who took the test today passed the class, so that's good to know. I'm still going to miss my friend Tonya who withdrew, but she's in good spirits and is looking forward to next year. That's why she's my friend, she's good people and has a great attitude.

I don't think that it's hit me yet that I've finished my 3rd semester. What a road it's been to get here. I'm so drained from today and I feel like I've been drug behind a Mack truck for a few miles. I told myself to take the night off (as if that was hard to do) and tomorrow I'm going to begin (ha) cramming for my micro final that's Wednesday. Micro isn't too bad, it's a lot of memorization, which is a lot easier than trying to grasp concepts, but thank the Lord Med-Surg is OVER. Well, I'm going to go chill on my sofa, have a cold beer and get ready for the Bachelor to come on. Yes, I'm addicted to that stupid show. I love this year's bachelor. Andrew Baldwin, he's a navy doctor, a humanitarian, a triathalete and he's hot as hell. Who couldn't be addicted to that?
Peace Out!