May 11, 2007

I'm An Oddball

I read somewhere a list that someone composed of their guilty pleasures or things people wouldn't know about them and I thought it was a good idea so I'm going to list some of mine, so you can get to know me better. Here goes....

I secretly love Little House On the Prairie. I've seen every episode and can recite most of them. My favorite is when Laura/Half-Pint Ingalls pushes Nellie/Little Twirp Olsen down the hill in the wheelchair to prove she was faking paralysis. HI-Larious!

Urban Cowboy is one of my favorite movies. (Same as above.) Bud: "You're not ridin' that bull Sissy." Sissy: "I'll rad it if I wont to, and I'll rad it agin and agin." Yes, she says it like that.

Brooks and Dunn are my favorite country artists/singers. I have a weakness for Ronnie Dunn's voice.

I have a huge crush on Snoop Dogg. He should have named himself Cool Cat, because he's the coolest around.

I've watched every episode of Oprah since I was in high school. I've written her a bunch of letters of admiration, but never sent a one. One of my biggest dreams is that one day she'll be on my doorstep surprising me with something huge. We know that won't happen. A girl can dream.

I grew up on a farm. Well, not really a farm, but we had a bunch of horses and we once had some cows and pigs, but they were pets because my mom wouldn't let my dad sell them for food.

I've read over 350 romance novels because I love them so.

Harry Potter is my favorite series of books and no, I'm not ashamed to admit that.

It takes a lot to shock or surprise me, people are strange and I learned that long ago. Thanks Jim.

I've only cried twice in the past year, one began with a laughing fit out of stress (nursing school, go figure) and it turned into sobbing, hysterical madness. The other was when my dog ran away, but he's home now and it's all good.

I've been to see about 6 or 7 Grateful Dead shows when Jerry was alive. (1995~RIP) It was the best times of my life.

I met my husband on the internet. Say it ain't's true. Our first date was at a Dave Matthews Band concert and it was a really bad date (I won't elaborate)....but he grew on me, obviously.

My first kiss was at a church "lock-in" (sinner) and the boy's name was Johan Brun. He was a french foreign exchange student. Yes, my first french kiss was with a french boy.

Gwenyth Paltrow is my favorite actress. I've been told I look like her, I don't see it, but that's not why I like her, she's just damn good.

I wish Willie Nelson was my grandpa.

I believe I was reincarnated from the 60's. I'm really drawn to that era and love a lot of the music.

It's hard to piss me off, unless you lie to or about me, then you can succeed.

I use to love to go out, but now I'd rather stay in.

I love to garden.

I get very upset when my husband leaves his toothbrush on the sink. Actually, this is something that pisses me off. I lied before. :-) One day I will get the courage to hide it, that'll teach him. He he.

I love anything about the paranormal, probably because it scares the shit out of me. Except, I don't like scary movies and after watching the Exorcist, I refuse to watch any of them.

I pick at my hangnails until they bleed. I wish I could stop. I don't bite them though, because that would be gross.

Speaking of....I wash my hands about 50 times a day. I am always driving my family nuts about washing their hands. I don't think anyone's hands are as clean as mine. (OCD?)

I screen all of my calls.

I laugh at the most inappropriate times. Recently, in the middle of a micro test, I read a question that was similar to this: You seed a plate with Escherica coli on a nutrient agar with blood, beef broth and carbohydrates and incubate it for 24 hours in the inoculator and one plate was streaked with Staphylcoccus something or other on MacKaunkey Agar for 48 hours. What would be the end result? A) 4 to the 20th power of a colony infestation b) no results C) the blood and beef broth agar would have 24, 672 get the point.
I thought to myself...why in the hell does this matter? I tried to hard not to laugh. I had no idea what the answer was. Once it started I couldn't stop, then the 2 girls sitting next to me started and it was contagious. The harder I tried, the more I laughed. I had to apologize to my instructor and inform her I wasn't cheating, I just couldn't stop. She was understanding.."stress" she whispered and winked. Sigh!

One of my biggest pet peeves is someone who makes fun of someone more unfortunate than them (mentally challenged etc..). I will rip off your head and cram it down your throat if I witness this. Just sayin'.

I can't stand vomit. I hope none of my patient's never puke on me. I may freak out. I'm sure I will encounter this, I'm mentally preparing myself.

I once pulled out a woman's arterial line and she made this horrible grunting noise. I can't get it out of my head.

I love a good thunderstorm. Something about the shift in the air's electric.

I once was involved in a really bad car accident that had me sitting in a court room in front of a 12 person jury in Nashville, Tenn. I was 18 and scared to death.

I hate doing dishes.

I surf myspace and nose around at all the people I know/use to know to see what's going on in their lives now.

I think myspace is stupid.

No, I don't have one.

My dad died when I was 14 years old. It took 2 weeks for it to sink in. Viewing him in the casket was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. Sometimes he comes to me in my dreams, but he never speaks, he only smiles at me. He looks like the version of his younger self, before I was born. I think that's weird considering I don't remember him that way.

I believe in God is all things, not just one thing.

I think Elvis Presley is/was the most beautiful human ever created.

My favorite flowers are orchids and daisy's, but they don't look pretty together.

I don't like red roses.

My favorite scent is lilac and sandlewood, and they don't go well together either.

My favorite song is In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel, as I'm sure you noticed from my blog. My second fav is Soulshine....that's me.

I think old churches are beautiful.

I'm very nurturing, almost to a fault. People might think I'm weird sometimes.

I'm compassionate and passionate and it's can take over me at times.

My perfect day is on the beach with a margarita and a good book.

The Grey's Anatomy theme song is set as my default ringtone.

I watch Rosie's video blog every morning to start off my day.

The very first tape (they didn't have cd's then) that I bought was Gun's N' Roses Appetite for Destruction and I had to listen to it with earphones on because my mom thought it was the devil's music.

I once put gum in my friend's hair in high school and she didn't know. She was sitting in front of me, I tried to get it out, but couldn't. I was horrified. I still haven't told her it was me. She had to cut her hair. I still feel bad.

I met my very best friend, Heather, in middle school. We were 11 years old. We've been BFF for 20 years now. Wow. (No, this isn't the one with the gum)

My oldest son Skyler (13) is sometimes more mature than I am. He's never been a 'kid'. I gave birth to a crying, incontinent adult.

I've been told I don't smile enough. Who goes around smiling all the time? I want what they're on.

I don't like fake people.

I'm very indecisive.

I love listening to my grandmother's stories of when she was a girl. She's amazing.

I hate homework and studying.

I hate school and I'm glad it's almost over!

I can't believe I'm writing this if anyone cares what I like or don't like. Anyhow, I'm sure I'll revise this as time goes on.