May 10, 2007


I wanted to post about tonight's Grey's Anatomy while it's still fresh in my mind. First things first, wasn't that a great episode? I felt so bad for Merideth when her father came in and told her not to come to the funeral and that it was all her fault her step-mom was dead. How sad. I could feel her pain, and his. Ouch! Merideth is going to lose Derek if she doesn't start including him in her life. Something about their dynamic has changed and I'm not sure I like it. I also wanted to yell at my tv when she didn't take the test, who does that??? Seriously.

I have a suspision that Bailey will be named Chief, but did she even apply? Maybe I missed that part. All the pregnancy things on the show were kind of cute, except the end where one fainted (not good) and the other hemorraged (really not good). Poor Adelle and poor Richard because he didn't know. I wonder if it was his baby, I bet it was. Adelle just doesn't seem like the type of lady to go and have some casual sex while separated, but I guess we'll find out next week.

Izzy's speech about loving someone you can't be with while making margaritas was pretty sweet and pretty damn stupid. Does she think that Callie is blind or what? And Merideth asking her if she was talking about Denny didn't make the situation any more comfortable. Why would Mer ask that in front of Callie? If she thought she was talking about George, and I'm thinking she wondered, why would she ask her that at that moment? I thought that was weird. Did you see Callie's face? Scary. Izzy better watch out. George is just the cutest thing. Who couldn't fall in love with his sweet puppy dog face?

I wonder if this wedding is going to be pulled off. With all of the ' i'm not certain' undertones of the show I have a pretty good guess someone will not be saying their vows. It will probably be Burke and he'll leave Seattle for good once he finds out he isn't made chief and asta la vista for him.

I'm bummed that next week is the last show for a while. Just when it's getting good again. Will George leave SGH for Mercy West? Will Cristina and Burke get married? Will Derek leave Merideth? Will that Ava girl contact her husband? Who will get Chief? Will George and Callie get a divorce? many questions and only one episode....I doubt we'll get the answers we need.

Until next time...