May 17, 2007

I Hate Cliffhangers More Than I Hate Cliffhangers With Axes In Their Heads!

What a cliffhanger. I am still speechless after watching that episode. It was pretty emotional huh? First off....OMG!!!!!!! George. Our little George. That can't have happened. He didn't fail, it was a mistake....wait, you know....I bet the scantron was scanned wrong. Yeah, that's it, George's scantron was messed up, that's all. No big deal, they'll just go back and re-scan it or whatever. Ofcourse. George will then come back and be a resident or attending, or whatever they are now and all will be right with the world again. And Dr Burke...he isn't really gone for good or anything. I know I said after all those crappy and horrible things he said he should leave, but...really? He's gone? Took his sax and his grandmama's photograph too? Damn. I was brought to tears when I heard his vows and I really bawled like a baby when Cristina realized it was really, really over. Iz, she poured her heart out and wore it on her sleeve, but I'm afraid she'll be hung out to dry. I mean, Callie and him are going to have a baby because he's COMING BACK RIGHT? If he doesn't I'll be so pissed I will personally write him and tell him just how mad I am. I mean it, I will!

Damn, I have so many questions and I'm really preturbed that none of these questions will be answered for several months. Do you know how aggrivating that is?!!! ARG! Like I said...I hate cliffhangers and speaking of, couldn't we have cut out that whole cliffhanger, axe in the head storyline altogether? We have more important things to discuss than saving lives. Geez, don't these people recognize?

At the end...that chick said her name was Grey. Is that in GREY...Merideth Grey's sister? The one who McDreamy flirted with and threw in Mer's face to make her jealous/intimidated/open her squinty little eyes about? Well, I'll be! I don't want her skanky butt on the show. Not only did Burke leave, but is that the end of Addison too? WHO ELSE WANTS TO LEAVE THE DAMN SHOW? ANY TAKERS? Speak now or forever hold you peace goshdangit!

SO did Mer actually walk away from Derick after all of that "Pick me, Choose Me" bs? What's her deal man? I thought she loved him? Maybe she's gay. You saw the way she was holding onto Christina right? I kid. But what's wrong with that woman? Can't she make up her damn dark and twisty mind? She won't like it too much when her sis runs into McDreamy and here we go again with all the mellodrama that is Grey's Anatomy.....sigh.

Poor Alex...he didn't recognize until it was too late. Oh well, who thought he ever would anyway? I felt so sorry for little Rebecca(?)/Ava with all of her heartfelt tears. All she wanted was a "Stay" an "I'll take care of you and the baby" "You're the woman for me", but NOPE! He wasn't havin' any of that. It is what it is I suppose.

Chief: First of all....after all that crap that Derrick talked about wanting to be chief and then he threw in the towel? Why is everyone so wishy-washy? Just make a decision and stick with it people! I felt so bad for Adelle and Richard. They are a sweet couple and I'm glad they're back together. The Chief needs her and she needs him. Bless their hearts. :-(

Bailey: WHy the hell didn't she get Chief Resident? She deserved that over Callie for sure. That's just tomfoolery right there. That scene with her and George tugged at my heart strings...why oh why was she passed over?

Yes, this was a good episode. If it wasn't I wouldn't be ranting and raving like some crazy person, but why leave us hangin' like that? That's just cold and really, really wrong. I need to know. I need spoilers, I need, I calm down and remember this is a tv show. That's it. (Insert me doing deep breathing excercises here). Before I completely calm down though, I need to head over to the message boards and see if anyone else feels the way I do.

p.s. just went over to the abc message board. Those people are scary. Venture at your own risk!


RN Someday said...

Yeah - what you said - I feel exactly the same way!!!!!! Damn it all to hell!

Soulshine ....RN to be (hopefully) said...

Damn it all to hell!!!