May 4, 2007

Trickery and Tomfoolery

As far as the templates, I've just been playing around, so if you log on and it's different everytime, that's why. :-) What was with Grey's Anatomy lastnight? They tricked us into watching Addison's pilot...that's just plain mean. I thought we'd get to see a great 2 hour Grey's episode. No. What we got was some snippets of Grey's in between Addison and all these new characters in LA shoved down our throats. On top of that, I didn't even like the pilot. Did you? All of the sudden Addison wants a baby? Hmm.... alrighty. Didn't see that coming. What I don't understand is why she's doing a spin-off in the first place. Why change something that isn't broken? Anyway, I was dissapointed lastnight. Grey's is starting to become confusing. And all of the supposed to be OMG moments don't shock me anymore because they're always trying to throw OMG moments in the show. It just doesn't feel the same. I read that Dr Burke is being written off the show. Wonder why..........ha ha.

Here is where I'm confused.....why is Derek all of the sudden not wanting to "breathe" for Merideth. Didn't he propose to be her knight and shining whatever just a couple weeks ago? Didn't he almost break down because he thought she was dead? Now he's saying he's not so sure about their relationship? HUH??? You don't dump a girl right after she comes back from the dead, don't these writers know that? And why hasn't Merideth told Izzy about seeing Denny on the other side? Does she not remember? Moving on..Merideth's step mom: She got the hiccups, had an endoscopy, got sepsis and died. Dead...all because of some hiccups. That sucks. Then we see Merideth playing cards and doing shots of tequila like it's no big deal her dad slaped her across the face and her step-mom died. Derek comes over to console her (I think) sees her smiling and laughing in the window and realizes (I think) that this chick is detatched from her emotions and might never change. This confuses me. Merideth needs to see a "quack" and get over herself. Did you notice on next week's preview that Derek meets a girl at a bar? Here we go again....

Burke and Cristina: It's obvious Cristina doesn't want this big wedding and Burke does. He realizes they are very different , but tries to convince himself otherwise. That old skeezy doc was right....she's not the marrying kind. This wedding isn't going to happen and we all know it. I bet it's Burke who leaves her at the alter and we never see him again. End of Burke.

Addison, McSteamy and Alex: What's going on with Alex, does he or does he not love Addison? Does he love the no-memory girl? Well, that's what I thought the writer's were trying to clue us in to, now I'm not so sure. By the way writers, fix that girls damn teeth already! Eew. Did you see the preview for next week about her? Does she really remember ans is faking it? During her brain surgery she starts speaking about 5 different languages... odd. Maybe she's a spy. lol Maybe, that's why she "claims" not to remember...she's investigating something at the hospital. This could happen you know, this show gets crazier every time. She did say she knows everything that's going on. Hmm...I'm sure it's farfetched, but you never know. McSteamy seemed really sad over losing Addison....ok whatever. I did love the part where he told Derek he caught her sleeping with someone else and Derek said "oh, that must have been very hard for you." insert snicker here. HA! Karma's a bitch eh?

Izzy, George and Callie: It's obvious George is rethinking his decision to marry Callie. He said it seemed like a good the time. Poor George, he's in a pickle. I don't know how it happened (well I know) but I didn't see it coming that Izzy would fall for George. Something about this relationship just doesn't seem right, but it makes for good tv nonetheless. Thew whole elevator scene was heartbreaking. Do you really think George is going to transfer? If he leaves the show I'm not sure I'll keep watching. He's my favorite character. Callie knows what's going on. Women know, they have a 6th sense and her seeing them once that elevator opened....they looked so guilty. I have a feeling Callie will save George the trouble and let him go. She knows she can't compete with Izzy and it's obvious he loves her. It isn't obvious he loves Callie, and that was known from the get-go. The scene in the bridal shop where Callie asked Izzy to go in another room with her was funny. 'You want me to go with you...alone? Ok." Izzy was scared. Ha ha.

Well, I guess we'll see, or maybe not, how all this will play out in the next couple of weeks. Right now I don't know what's going to happen. Everything is up in the air. I hope they can get it together and bring our show back. This just feels like some daytime soap.
Until next time....
p.s. haven't started studying for the final yet...... ru-roh!