January 20, 2009

And History Has Been Made....

I took a personal day (paid) from work today(tonight) so that I could watch the Inaugeration today for Barack Obama. I am so excited. Check back later to hear my thoughts on the day. :) My first impression....Barack looks a little nervous. He has a mighty burden on his shoulders. God bless him and us all.


running wildly said...

Interesting. I thought he looked nervous too.....and I was certain of it during his oath. Got his words all mumble jumbled. But I don't blame him at all. He had the entire world watching him. A far cry from a bit of excited nervousness I felt on my wedding day when I screwed up a few words during my vows. My situation didn't hold a candle to his.

What a day of historical change! SO proud of you American's for voting him in. I would have been pumped if it were either a woman or an african american. I hope he steers your country out of the tumultuous waves you're currently treading in.