January 9, 2009


I burned dinner tonight. I got distracted and literally just forgot about it. Who does that? What is wrong with me? I think I have early alzheimers...and a tumor because I keep having these hideous pains in my head. Oy! I really can't eat anyway (stress), so to me it wasn't too big of a loss, but I do have other mouths to feed. I was pissed!

Later in the evening my stomach was growling so I ventured to the cabinet for some late night snacks and I spotted the cereal boxes. Nothing cures late night cravings better than cereal right? Cereal is always a safe bet. Early morning or late at night...cereal is always a reliable "meal" that is neither greasy nor too filling. So I pour some in a bowl and move along to the refrigerator and am looking, searching and what do you know, there is no friggin' milk! Well, I'll be damned! Those darned kids! They drink milk like it's made of freakin' kiddie crack. I got all pissy again and started thinking of all the milk we buy (a gallon yesterday!) and how I never get an ounce of it, not that I even like it, but when I do want it it's never there! Then I start to think of all those starving children in Africa and elsewhere who don't even have clean water to drink and I feel like a complete and total ass!

My children will get a strongly worded lecture tomorrow about the importance of moderation and conservative milk drinking. As much as it costs these days, I'm going to make them get a job to pay for it.

Selfish Mother who just wanted some stinking Cheerios.


KLS said...

I can't even imagine how much milk your family must go through with four+1 boys! Mine goes through gallons upon gallons with the 2+1 in my house!

Drofen said...

Argh! No milk after you've poured is the worst. Kind of like some lovin' with no happy ending. LOL!!

Tiffany said...

I hate when that happens. And its always after you poor the cereal and have your heart set on it!

Blasted Milk Drinking kiddos!