January 8, 2009

A Picture Story

Wednesday was Aidan's chemo & lumbar puncture (spinal tap) day. I decided to document it. Normally, I do not post certain photos/videos of Aidan and what he goes through, but today I decided to to show the realities of this life and his struggles and more importantly triupmhs. It is a testament that where there is pain, there is also joy and who better to prove that than a child? Although there are other problems in the world, and even within my own family, when it comes down to it....this is what matters most. He is my little hero and is more brave than I could ever be. No matter what occurs in my life and in my daily existence, sometimes you have to let go of your differences, even if for a day, and focus on something that is bigger than yourself. Although this does not do justice to all that his little body and soul has been through. It is a brief glimpse into a typical day of a child with leukemia. Up at 4am on the road to the children's hospital that is 2 hours away. Exhaustiion ensues....

This is Aidan's Story.
Daily Regimen:

Hematology/Oncology Clinic January 7th 2009:

All along the walls of the clinic are these handprints. There are entirely too many.

1st step....vitals:

He knows this drill all too well and doesn't even have to be told what to do anymore:

Open up and say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Aidan gained around 3lbs in a month!

Hat hair:)

Time for the finger stick to test his CBC: (p.s. he hates this and usually has to be held down so he doesn't accidentally punch the poor nurse)

At first it's funny...he gets the giggles when anxious....

Then.....it's not so funny.

Then.....it's funny again.

Then not...

Then it is again! (very confusing ~wink~)

Oooooh TOYS!

Time for the teste exam. Leukemia cells like to hide in male testicles. Aidan's testes passed the "test" :)

A smile is managed....

But is quickly evaded with shyness.

Awaiting the nurse in the "playroom" to get his chemo-vincristine:

So small:

The chemotherapy medication has to be prepared behind these glass partitians. They are incredibly toxic and even at home we are not allowed to handle them without special gloves:

I am very stressed and tired....as you can see:

Aidan getting his port accessed so that he may get his chemo...always a struggle. Sigh.

No, he is not being smothered. Aidan hates the taste and smell of his medicine, so it is a ritual to cover his nose, upon his INSISTENCE! :)

Finally his port-a-cath is accessed and his chemo is given.

Aidan is given his reward, his bravery beads. Each visit he recieves new beads for his necklace and each bead stands for something different. Each chemo, each LP, each time they poke him etc....he gets a new bead.

And FINALLY...after much resistance....smiles ensuse. :)

The bravest person I know and his smile melts my heart. :)

Finished at the clinic and now on our way to the children's hospital for Aidan's lumbar puncture:

Aren't I a happy camper? This is my,...I'm very tired and very annoyed with certain people, face.

We discovered that taking photos within the "security lens" was quite fun! Oh, the irony. :/

Finally, after a little trek across pedways, we are at the hospital.

We've walked these halls a million times.

The tiny chapel where I spent some private time in the past.

Letters to God:

7 East...Where all of the outpatient procedures take place on the Oncology Floor.

Time to get started.

Vitals again, or as they say at the kid's hospital.. "viddles".

Old BP machine:

Time for the "sleepy" medicine that causes Aidan to laugh uncontrollably. Oh and we have to hold the nose again.


Don't let his open eyes fool you...he's out like a light.

The best doctor EVER (left) prepares for the LP. Spinal fluid is removed for testing and chemo is inserted to prevent the bad cells from forming in the fluid.

Aidan talks out of his head when he comes out of anesthesia. Yesterday, I told him I was going to take his picture and he said "Oh Yea! Take my picture baby!" But in a very slurred tone. It got a lot of laughs. lol

FINALLY, after a very long day, we get to do what Aidan has waited to do for over 12 hours.....EAT!

Aidan is still in remission and is in excellent health. He plays, goes to school, acts like a brat sometimes and is also very sweet just like any other kid. In two weeks he will be 6 years old and is extremely excited about his birthday. He has all the plans settled in his head :) He will be finished with chemotherapy in October 2010. We cannot wait and feel incredibly blessed that he is healthy. Never take life for granted. It's entirely too short.

Peace & Love,


KLS said...


He is so sweet! I love those cheeks. That last photo is a story of strength in itself.

Drofen said...

Love the pics Christy. Thought about you lots!

Sarrah said...

This story through photos, brought tears to my eyes, what a brave little boy. I can only imagine what you are going through and then that will not even be close to what the reality is for you.

andrea said...

My brother's turning 6 in two weeks too! Thank you for sharing Aidan's story. He sure looks like an angel child!! I've only just stumbled across your blog but I commend you for all you must have gone through, are going through, and will have to endure. Thank God that the chemo tx is so far so good. I'll remember you in my prayers tonight with hope and thanksgiving for yours and Aidan's health.