January 12, 2009


Day shift was super busy, but it was nice to feel like a normal person, working normal hours again. I enjoyed it, surprisingly. It's much different than nights in that you have a gazillion more doctors orders, transfers, admissions and discharges. Also there are a bunch of random people floating around your unit such as case workers, PT, OT etc and everytime I'd turn around they would steal my seat. :/ I played musical chairs for 12 hours. Can we say ANNOYING?! It was a little too chaotic for me. It can get overwhelming, but I held my own and that was really good for my ego. Wink.

It's been nice being so busy over the last few days because it has kept my mind off of things and right now that is good for me. However, as soon as I leave and am in the quiet of my car, my feelings crop up leaving me feeling blue again. I'm guess I'm just down lately. I don't feel like talking to anyone, or really even being talked to. (In person, that is) I'd be perfectly ok to hide under my covers for a few days and not see anyone, save my children of course. Sigh. Sound depressing? I don't feel depressed, or near that, what I'm feeling is sadness mixed with some anger. Anyway, those are my feelings currently, so forgive me if I'm not especially peppy and bright. I feel like the sun has dimmed lately and I'm standing in the rain.

What's the old saying....every cloud has a silver lining? Pfft.

.....thanks for listening.


Drofen said...


Made me think of you.

Go dayshift! LOL!