January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief!

Ok...I'm back. I'll admit, I only got as far as the old president leaving in the helicopter and flying over D.C one last time...sianara. THEN I fell asleep because I had worked the night before and was exhausted.

I did think it a little funny that the new prez escorts the old prez out of the white house. In essence... kicking him out. This is my house now fool! Bwa ha ha ha! There were literally trucks hiding in the back waiting to move the Bush's things out and put the Obama's things in. It must be kind of awkward. It's kind of like someone moving in on your wife and all you can do is hand them her suitcases. "Take care of the old broad. I really f'ed her up, but maybe you can fix her." I wondered what Bush was thinking in his head. "Welp, that was fun!" "No more Air Force One peanuts....aww shucks." "Can I atleast visit Camp David for Spring Break?" "Can't I blow up one more thing before I go?" "Oooooh, look at the pretty birds!"

I also thought of what the Obama's may be thinking as they stood there and watched him board. "Wave and look humble. Try not to smile too big now." "Hurry up and get on the damn thing already...it's freezing!" "OMG this is our house now. OMG I am the leader of the free nation. I am the President of the United States!" "WOO HOO! Let's go run around naked in Lincoln's bedroom!" Hell, if I was in the White House, that's what I would do. It would feel so "liberating." ;)

When Joe Biden took his oath I couldn't help but think.....is that it? It took less than 20 seconds. Alrighty. My wedding vows lasted longer than that and he's vowing to protect all of the United States of America. Damn, I got screwed!

Barack, A-hem, Mr. President, looked a bit nervous as he walked down the long hallway to greet everyone. I kind of felt bad for him, all of these expectations and dreams are resting on his shoulders...whew. When he took his oath he tripped up a little, can you blame him? I couldn't even get out "love, honor and obey" without laughing a little hysterically. (Yea, I did that.) I just hope it doesn't stick with him forever. All of the build up for that moment and he flubs his words. It just proves once again how human he is. :) It was very symobolic that he took his oath of president on Lincoln's bible. I can't imagine the pride he and his family must have felt in that moment. I know I felt proud.

However minutely he stumbled in his oath, I thought inaugural address was amazing and perfect for the times. The man has a way with words. He was telling America that the fight isn't his own, but it is all of our responsabilities. It was eloquent and powerful, such as he. Can you expect anything less? He's speaks and carries his self so well. It is a speech I will never forget. I love listening to him. I think he has a very magnetic energy and prescence. I can't imagine what it would be like to be around him. He seems so charismatic. :) Preach!

Little Malia and Sasha looked so cute. I bet they are very proud of their daddy. I wonder how their lives will changes living in the White House. Michelle was as graceful as always. She is a strong woman and will be an excellent 1st lady. I'm getting a little carried away...I'm just so darned happy today. It feels like there is some room to breathe now. I have DVR'd all the rest of the festivities and can't wait to sit down and watch.

If I was Barack I'd make some sweet lovin' to Michelle tonight in the oval office, but first...I'd have a priest come and bless the house and get rid all the bad ju ju. Ha! I'd get the biggest bottle of febreeze known to man and go to town. Out damn spot!

Peace & Love,


Drofen said...

From what I understand it wasn't his fault that he flubbed up. The other guy screwed up the order, so it wasn't at all like he practiced.

Christy ~ RN to be said...

You're right, but it still sucks to flub it up, yea? :)

Drofen said...

Yeah, for sure. Poor kid. ;)

Christy ~ RN to be said...

kid....pppfft. ;)

KLS said...

LMAO! Love the dialogue. WHo wouldn't be tempted to run through the WH naked!?

I also loved that he messed up....his fault or not it made him seem more real, more human. He wasn't just some statue reciting a bunch of words.