January 9, 2009

Revolutionary Road

I have to work all weekend and I am not looking forward to it at all. I am already tired and the thought of pulling an all nighter tonight makes me sick. I am already in a bad mood, this does not help.

I watched Revolutionary Road recently starring Kate Winslett and Leo Dicaprio and wanted to give my little review. First of all, this movie is heavy and intense. It shows an intimate look behind the walls of a regular American family and into their private lives. The very beginning of the movie shows the married couple in a very heated argument and it sets the tone for the rest of the movie and it's certainly not a happy one. Sometimes it seemed so real I wanted to cringe because...er..it kind of felt like my life in a way. At times it felt uncomfortable watching it because it really does seem as though you're a fly on the wall watching this couple's most intimate and real moments. The acting is amazing! Sometimes I actually forgot it was Leonardo I was watching, even though he played an average joe he really owned that part and gave the character three dimensions. It was a stellar performance, maybe the best I've ever seen from him, or from anyone for a VERY long time. Chills. Kate's performance was also incredible and believable and she's just so pretty to look at and her face is so expressive. I am so impressed by her. She's one of my favorite actresses.

I'm not sure you'll really walk away talking about how awesome the movie is because it's depressing and dark and heavy and...woah! It's just so dramatic. With that being said...it's a great movie. Does that make sense? Same Mendes directed the movie, as well as American Beauty so you can get a sense of his directing and his take on complex characters. Things aren't always what they seem behind the picket fence and they certainly aren't in this movie. I recommend this to anyone who likes an emotional, dramatic film and can appreciate the human psyche and authentic emotions. Be warned...this isn't Rose & Jack from Titanic my friends.


Drofen said...

Sounds very similar to Snow Angels with Kate Beckinsale, who coincidently I forgot to add to my celebrity crush list the other night, LOL!

Misc. said...

Thanks for the little review! When I first saw the trailers for it I thought...ugh, Leo and Kate hello reliving Titanic please God no Celine Dion. But now. Now I think I'll see it. I adore Kate Winslet and agree that she and Leo are both an impressive Actor/Actress.