January 4, 2009

Little Miss Smarty Pants!

I didn't even know, oh well. It's nice to know now.....better late than never. :) Toot toot!

Scroll down to see my name in bold.
p.s. I'd give my full name....but ya know... ;)

HCC Honors Night salutes more than 100

There were smiles galore as more than 100 were saluted Friday for their hard work and achievements as Henderson Community College students.

The students received awards and scholarships for academics as well as organizational endeavors.

Honor Roll

Kelley Marie Abrams, Andrea Lynne Baity, Linda J. Battle, Crystal Jean Best, Pamela D. Boone, Robin Marie Bowers, Chasidy Dawn Breeding, Rebecca A. Brooks, Andrew Keith Brown, Megan Nichole Brown, Addie Elizabeth Bryant, Gretchen M. Buckman, Daniel Bryce Bullock, Erin L. Caldwell, Jennafer L. Chandler, Lauren M. Clark, Joanna Hite Clement, Heather Nicole Collins, Jeanie Collins, Mary Emily Conrad, Franah B. Cook, Bridget Rana Courtney, Lisa J. Cox, Katie Erin Crooke, April Lynn Crosley, Jeanette Marie Cupra, Erica Denise Dale, Jamie Marie Dillon-Jones, Amy Hogan Dunford, Christopher S. Economy, Jamie Renee Edmaiston, Lynnsey J. Ellis, Miranda C. Flynn, Julie M. Fuchs, Stacy Jo Fuqua, Bethany M. Glazebrook, Alisa M. Goff, Brandon Tyler Gower, Jessica Greenwood-Markle, Zachary George Hartmire, Cara Rochelle Hickey, Hillary Sue Holcomb, Sylvia Nicole Hood, Megan Renee Jacob, Lacy E. Jimenez, Matthew McLane Jones, Lenora Morris King, Scottie Koonce, Lindsay Morgan Lambrich, Holly Anne Lawrie, Doris J. Lawson, Brandi M. Lewis, Adam Joseph Libbert, Karen Diane Lickey, Jamie Nicole Lindsey, Samantha Anne Logan, Mitch E. Lovell, Teresa Ann Lynn, Lynnette K. McIntyre, Jessica Nicole McKenzie, Cassie L. Moore, Helen Michelle Mosley, Mitzi Jean Murphy, Paige Michelle Nation, Whitney C. Noel, Heather Rachel Ottenbaker, Jared M. Patterson, Lynde S. Pharris, Josh Allen Powell, Katy Lyn Raley, Jill R. Rector, Diana G. Riggs, Brandee R. Roberson, Christina M. Roberts, Dena Sue Rosebrock, Theresa L. Sauer, Tina Louise Smith, Judy Ann Sorrells-Billings, Tanya B. Stanley, Christy D. ______, Jama Renee Stocking, Bonnie Sue Straker, David Andrew Sutton, Tabitha Ann Sutton, Paige Shavonne Taylor, Autumn D. Thomas, Barbara Sue Thomas, Eric Thomas, Kimberly Vinson, Kaitlyn Kristine Walker, Lana Marie Weber, Krista Ann Weldon, Carol Ann Wheeler, Adam T. Wolfe and Donna Ward Wolfe.


More than 100 saluted at HCC Honors Night

It was their time to shine, and shine they did Friday night when more than 100 of them were saluted for their hard work and achievements as Henderson Community College students.

As proud families watched in the auditorium of the campus fine arts center, the students received awards and scholarships for academics as well as organizational endeavors.

Dean's List

Kelley Marie Abrams, Mary Denise Adams, Brandi Rose Beck, Sherri Ann Blaine, Loria A. Bryan, Darius Julian Collier, Letitia Ann Curtsinger, Sandra Dawn Elmendorf Daniel, Tiffany Leigh Dant, LuAnn Harris Davis, Nicole Marie Dempsey, Wendy Sue Denney, Kirkland Blue Dyer, Jamie Lynn Edge, Sharon B. Edwards, Justin Wayne Elliott, Laura Lynn Gross, Michelle Dawn Hein, Meagan Cory Hendrix, Amy Devon Hobgood, Susan Ashby Hollis, Sylvia Nicole Hood, Heather Kennette Jones, Kimberly Renee Jones-Vinson, Amanda Courtney Long, Julie Nichole McLevain, Gordon Michael Meighen, Anthony Scott Mercer, Kayla LeAnne Pirtle, Aurora M. Reburn, Sarah L. Rideout, Valarie M. Roberts, Amy S. Ross, Wendy Marie Rumsey, Christy D. ________, Jama Renee Stocking, Katherine Joyce Stone and Kimberly Dawn Wheeler.



Drofen said...

Miss Smarty Pants indeed! LOL!

Drofen said...

I like it! Italy would be really nice too...Tuscany could make me very, very happy.

KLS said...

ITlay is awesome. We were stationed there for four years and still didn't get to see everything! If you do get a chance to go, let me know I'll tell you the hidden secret spots that not too many tourists know about!