January 23, 2009

I Had a Dream...

.....the other night that I was Brad Pitt's daughter. A much older daughter, but his kid nontheless. This dream is sure to bring the LOL's. As in real life, my "dad" Brad was always jet setting around the globe and I rarely saw him. For some reason I was the caretaker of his brood of kids while he was away. When he was home he was always polite and father like. Yes, in my dream he was with Angelina, but she was his wife ie...my step-mother. She was always elusive, never to be seen, like a ghost. I remember in my dream wondering why she always hid in the huge mansion we all lived in. I never saw her and I was getting really pissed that she snuck away from me as if I was a paprazzi or something. I got the sense she was jealous of our father-daughter relationship. Neither of them ever addressed that they were home, we were told by the "staff" of the house and they hinted that we shouldn't disturb them. Pffft!

I was really annoyed, I mean SUPER annoyed that we were all just things they collected, like chachkis from their worly travels then they took us in public and flaunted us like cattle. I was in a rage like Joan Crawford's daughter. I'd had enough! I marched myself up to their bedroom door and flung it open. There they were laying in bed (as I always imagined them to be), the both of them obviously naked with the sheets pulled up to their chins. He addressed me, formally, as if I was a trained dog. "Come here dear. Let me have a look at you." I looked at her as she lay under the covers aloof, smoking a cigarette with an annoyed look upon her gorgeous face. I think I hated her in my dream for taking my dad away, maybe I had some Jennifer Aniston syndrome thing, I dunno. (LOL)

It was obvious they just had sex and that just fueled me even more. How dare she take our father away! BITCH! For some reason he gets up to take a shower, he slips from the covers completely naked (weird) and saunters away. I watch as he goes and admire his beautiful body. (doubly weird considering he's supposed to be my dad!) I confront her. "Why don't you show your face around here you wicked woman? I know what you're trying to do!" She is completely calm, still smoking, looking at me as if I'm some fly that landed on her food. She tells me he is hers and I can never take him from her. My thoughts are that she has him totally whipped, snowed into thinking she's this lovely woman when all I saw was a deadly black widow waiting to strike her prey. I told her she had him bewitched and that she was evil! (LMAO)

She is unaffected and ignores me completely. He comes out of the shower, water sparkling on his skin (yes, I noticed this...incestuous?!!!). He calls me his darling, patronizes my "silliness" and jealousy, and proceeds to kiss me full on...on the mouth! Of course I kiss him back, dad or not, this is Brad Pitt after all! She doesn't seem to mind. I'm not surprised, the slut! (LOL) After my pops and I are finished making out, I walked away hypnotized then I was pulled from my bizarre dream by an alarm clock. ARG!

I will never like Angelina again after that dream. Screw her and all her beauty....she stole my dad from us kids! LOL

Any dream interpreters out there who would like to psycho analyze me....feel free.

NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drofen said...


I have just two questions for you...

1. Was he a good kisser?

And more importantly,

2. Did you get to see Angelina nekkid!?!?

Christy ~ RN to be said...

Of course he was a good kisser! LOL And no, she stayed under the covers the whole time...haha.