January 22, 2009


Oh my gosh!!!!! I have just made a decision that is going to change my life either big or small, I don't know yet. I have mentioned on here about how I got a job offer and I kept putting it off. I got a call today saying if I didn't accept then they were going to offer it to someone else. Well, guess what? I did! I'm so scared right now. I hope I made the right decision. Here are the stats...

~it's day shift (hallelujah!)
~I make my own schedule...however many hours I want or don't want. PRN.
~no holidays
~bank money (and NO I'm not bragging, but the money is insane! Over ten more dollars on the hour than what I'm making now.)
~state of the art, brand new hospital
~I'll be floating from med-sug, neuro and ortho
~no politics when floating
~the only negative....the hospital is about 45 minues away...and if traffic is good it's about 35 minutes.

I applied for it many moons ago and they called me out of the blue on Christmas Eve offering. I wonder if it was some sort of devine intervention. What do you guys think about it? I'm of course second guessing it, however....I think it will be good for me. Here are the reasons for my decision. I need more money...who doesn't? I hate night shift and it will allow me to make plenty and still only work 2 days a week. If I can make my own schedule, then I can work Mon, Tues and schedule to work Thurs, Fri the next week, which basically gives me a week or more off in between. You can't really beat that. Anyhow, I need feedback! I'm excited, but also incredibly nervous.


Sarrah said...

I think it sounds perfect and you will get use to the traveling. A new chaper is about to begin :)

KLS said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Take it!!!!!! How awesome! I'm so excited for you! YOu'll have to keep me posted on how you feel about your commute. We have one hospital in our county, and a friend works there. She says it's the best hospital she's worked at ever, and she's nursed in FL, CA, IL and here in VA. But than there is a bigger hospital about 45 minutes away that I wouldn't mind working at! someday...

Christy ~ RN to be said...

I agree Sarrah...it does sound perfect and the communte really isn't that bad....the only thing is that I only drive 10 minutes to work now...I will miss that.

Thanks Kirstin. I will def let you all know how it goes. They only had 8 spots in this particular position, so I feel kind of good that I was chosen. We will see....!

running wildly said...

Wow! Congrats on the job upgrade. I think you'll know for sure once you start working your shifts. And don't forget about the 'peace that surpasses all understanding.' Yay for a new journey!