January 22, 2009

A New Chapter

I was given a small summary of my work performance from my boss the other day. She, and apparently my co-workers, said that I am a bubbly, happy and an optimistic person to work with. Really?! LOL Funny how I don't see that in myself. What I mean to say is, I know I am usually a happy person at work, even though I often dislike it, but the optomistic part threw me. This isn't the first time I've heard this from people. Funny, how we percieve ourselves differently from how others see us. If that's the case I'm glad. I'm sure this is because they don't read my blog. LOL

It's official. I have a start date for my new job. February 23rd. No turning back now. I am nervous, but also very "optimistic" that it's a good decision for me. Working days will certainly be an adjustment, but a good one. Maybe I will start to feel "normal" again. I'm a little concerned of learning the 3 units at a new hospital. I will onyl have 3 days orientation on each floor before I'm on my own. My confidence is a little shaky, but I'm going to try not to be too hard on myself. This is new for me...I never make big decisions like this on a whim. I figure....I will not know unless I try, right?

I work Monday night, so I suppose I will have to put my armor on when I tell my boss I'll be leaving. I'd like to stay on at my unit prn, so that if I ever do choose to come back I won't have to go through the monotony of re-orienting and etcetera. I secretly told a co-worker friend my plans and she didn't seem to thrilled. I got a lot of "I don't know...Are you sure you want to drive that far?...Aren't you worried about floating?....Day shift is much harder...." Blah blah blah. After talking to her a while I realized she just doesn't want me to leave her there alone. She also divulged she's a tad jealous. She is having to stay there because she's under contract. I feel for her and will miss her a lot. I've made so many new friends and I know keeping in touch will be more difficult once I'm gone. I'm a little sad.

Anyway, I'm rambling now. I have a lot of thoughts at the moment. Here's to taking chances! Cheers!


Drofen said...

Yay, I'm so excited for you! A new chapter indeed. That's got to ease your mind on so many fronts.

running wildly said...

Ah, going back to the "Novice to Expert" continuum. You remember that crap from nursing school? Blah. I can't believe I do. Sigh.

Congrats again on your new journey. This is exciting.