January 31, 2009

Frozen Solid

I am currently sitting in a hotel room waiting for the ice to melt over the entire state of Kentucky. We have been without for 5 days now. Our house is cold, like freezing cold. I worked last night and came home, dreading to walk from the cold car, through the cold snow, into the cold house that awaited me. The kids were curled up under cold blankets sleeping soundly. I decided to take advantage of the only warmth available...a hot steaming bath. It felt like heaven, but there was a problem......being brave enough to get out. I tried several times, then got back in several times. This went on for 40 minutes until I got up the courage to step into the 30 degree chill of my cold tiled bathroom. It was excruciating.

18,000 people in my town are still without power and over 650,000 in the entire state. Some don't even have water, much less HOT water. A mess such as this screws up everything. Cell phone service has been down for days and is only available in patches. Off and on. I can barely get in touch with family and friends to see how they're faring. The mail isn't running either. Most businesses are without power, which makes for even more problems. Wal-Mart is without bread. Is the world coming to an end? People are getting carbon monoxide poisoning because they aren't venting their houses from the fumes of kerosene heaters and generators. Speaking of.....remind me when I hit the lotto to invest in a generator! Apparently they are made of gold as expensive as they are. Not to mention, it's hard to even get your hands on one. Gasoline is scarce. Kerosine is even more scarce. President Obama has declared a state of emergency and FEMA is said to be coming any day now....still waiting. We had some emergency management person come to our door to see if everyone inside was ok. NO, we aren't ok! We're cold, hungry and in need of a major heat wave. Further more, stop selling those damn generators and just loan us one, mkay? Is this the fucking twilight zone or what?

This is horrible. Power came on all around our neighborhood yesterday and there is one section of our street without power....ours. No word on when it will be back on. From the looks of things.....NEVER. Tree limbs are down everywhere, over power lines, houses, streets. I've never seen anything like it. At night, when you walk outside in the pitch black darkness you can hear the creaking of limbs and the crack as they fall around you. The trees are crumbling, it's creepy. Everything is virtually frozen solid and covered in ice. Crews of utility workers have come in from the south to aid us, but I've yet to see any of them, aside from at the buffet. Speaking of buffet restaurants....is that where all the freaks hang out, or is it just me? I think I saw a she-man there today, with a bear who had paws the size of saucers and a mouth to match. Save some food for the rest of us buddy. This is a natural disaster. Don't eat up all the reserves!

We are having to use bill money for a hotel room. I couldn't take it anymore. Once I saw my son's blue lips I decided it was time to pack up and leave, if only for one comfortable night in a warm room with a warm bed. It's the best 100 dollars I've ever spent. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. We are running low on funds and I can't imagine what those who have no money are doing. This is really a nightmare. We are lucky to have even gotten a hotel in town. People are behaving like crazy savages. Well, not completely savages, but close enough that they'll shove you out of the way to get to the hot, fresh donuts! Move over lady, those long john's are MINE!!!!! I feel like I'm in the ice age and I'm a cave woman. Roar.

They're calling this the "Katrina of Kentucky". Well, I hope not, because we all saw how well that relief effort went. Where's my trailor?

I hope everyone is safe and warm tonight. I'm attempting to thaw out, if only for one blissful day.


KLS said...

Holy crap. Hopin' for a heat wave to go your way, very,very soon!

Drofen said...

I'm so glad to read your post, I was getting really worried about you. Please stay safe!

Drofen said...

Sending warm thoughts your way!!