March 3, 2009


OH EM GEE ! I just finished watching The Bachelor finale and the After the Final Rose and I am in complete shock. WTF? Was that all just some big punk on America?!?! I am completely speechless here. I just don't know what to say or think. First of all, I wasn't invested in this season, but I did manage to catch the last 4 episodes and wanted to watch the finale. I cannot believe I wasted three hours of my time. MY EYES! MY EYES!

Recap: Prepare yourself.

Meet Jason--->
Jason is this season's (tool) Bachelor. He narrowed his choices down to two through a process of elimination...and with a lot of kissing. Guess he had to 'feel' out the competition.

Meet Melissa & Molly: On the finale tonight, Jason broke Molly's heart and told her he had to let her go. She told him he was making a mistake and left in tears. He then walks up the stairs to the mansion and cries. I'm talking the ugly cry, facial contortion, mouth all jacked up, hanging hiself over a railing dramatic tearfest. For a second I thought someone may have died that the viewers were unaware of. Is he crying for Molly's heartbreak, and that he may have made a mistake? Maybe he's crying because he's a complete wuss. We don't know.

Melissa gets out of the limo, unknowing she's the "winner". Her proposes, tells her he's been in love with her the whole time, gets on one knee, professes his undying love and proposes. Tears, kisses and hugs ensue. All is right within the reality world. The show ends with Jason, Melissa and his 3 year old son, Ty, jumping into a swimming pool fully clothed. Awww, You know, because that's just what you do when you're in love and all. Glee! And they swim off into the (fake) sunset and live happily ever after......or not.

Fast forward to the After the Final Rose special that always caught up on the happy couple. We are immediately told from Chris Harrison, the host, that tonight is shocking then Jason comes out. His face is gloomy and we feel something bad coming on. There is no audience to clap at his appearance and Chris's face also looks forlorn. What's going on, we ask? Jason then proceeds to tell Chris that after the show he and Melissa spend a lot of time together, the spend all of the holidays together and that the chemistry he felt for her has left him. He says he no longer loves her and wants to tell her...ON LIVE TELEVISION! OMG, I could not believe this! But wait, it gets better...she has no idea and was in a room in the back being hid by ABC so they could totally throw her off guard. So classy.

Melissa walks out looking happy to see the man she THINKS she is going to marry, then she notices the solemn look on Jason's face and realizes this isn't going to be happy. Jason then begins by saying he doesn't regret it, but his feelings have changed, there is no longer any chemistry and blah blah blah, and THEN he says that he thinks he's still in love with Molly! WTF? Are you kidding me? Melissa is clearly heartbroken and angry, rolling her eyes and the whole bit and at one point she even calls him a bastard. Go Melissa! Can you imagine being dumped on national tv? I mean, seriously. Chris Harrison tells her there is a limo waiting for her outside, which translated to me as .....welp you're done, see ya and take the trash out on your way out of the studio. How tacky of ABC! I mean...this chic is going to need some counceling and I'd be majorly pissed if I was her!!! Hell I am pissed and I'm not even the one dumped. Melissa tells Jason to never call or text her ever again and she turns and leaves and when she gets into the limo she cries and her heartbreak is evident. It was SO sad!

Watch the Horror go down here:

Oh, gets better....... Molly is also there, has no idea what had just happened (more of ABC's tomfoolery) and says she is going to come in and ask why it wasn't her. She sits alone with the host and says she still loves him and that she wishes things had went her way. Jason now re-enters, they smile and hug and he briefly

explains what happened and how Melissa wasn't right for him and asks her for another shot, or just some coffee (so he can tell her a mess of lies too). She is completely stunned. SHOCKED! She doesn't say a word....literally. He looked so uncomfortable I almost felt bad for the douche, but not really. I was waiting for the moment he took the ring that Melissa just gave back and proposed to Molly with it. Well, it can's already beyond weird and tacky, whynot?

Molly is still speechless, but then places her hand on his leg and caresses his knee! Molly...he just dumped another woman on tv and you think he's a catch? What is wrong with these people? Does the network slip love potion in their drinks? I mean come on! I know you pined away for the guy for months and boo hoo'd over him, but he has some explainin' to do! Such as, why did you not pick me to begin with you skeezy asshole? Or, why would you humiliate another woman on tv like that? OR....who's to say our 'chemistry' won't fade after the taping of this show too? Don't give the man all the milk right off the jump Mol, I mean....desperate!

They stare at eachother, she tells him her feelings never changed and they kiss! WHAT?!?! Am I the only person that thinks this is some Jerry Springer nonsense? Sooooo tacky that they need another word for tacky. He just dumped another girl not 5 minutes before! I'm just perplexed. She agrees to give it a 'shot' and to have a long talk to see where it can go. Hmmm...predictions....NOWHERE! He's clearly confused girl. He even said he'd never called you, and he could have. Whatever. If I was there I'd shake the shit out of you Molly. WAKE UP! Grrr.

THEN....Chris Harrison announces to tune in tomorrow night for the After the Rose special Part Two!????? There's more? Do they have a secret love child? Are they brothers and sisters? Seriously, with the direction of this show you never know what they'll cook up.

I'm disgusted with Jason. I understand about following your heart 100% and doing what you have to do, but to hurt her on tv...that's a new level of low. This could have been done off camera like all of the other failed Bachelor shows. ha. Do you show no respect???? Booooo to you Jason Mesnic. I hope you get what you deserve and your poor son..... :( He has had to 'live' through this too. Shame on you, you're a TOOL!


KLS said...

I read this this morning, but had to head to class. I wanted to comment though. I kind of think she's better off without him. I feel so bad for her after what she said about meeting that special someone being a once in a lifetime chance and that he ruined it for her. I don't think he realizes what a dumbass he actually is! His loss!

Christy said...

Yea, she said he took that from her. What a schmuck! I don't think he knows what he wants. I'd stay far, far away from him!