March 11, 2009


This may not be a big deal and I'm sure no one cares, but....when I woke up this morning I went for my coffee and when I went to take a drink I noticed that my wedding ring wasn't on my hand! I never, ever, ever take my wedding ring off so I panicked. I was! I rushed upstairs to ask my husband if he took it off as a joke, he said no (believably) and I started to really freak out inside. OMG where is it, why was it gone etc. My ring fits snugly and would never fall off...ever. Anyhow, I went to my bed and started looking there and it was lying in the middle of my bed between the sheets. How freakin' odd! I will never know how it got there or why it wasn't on my finger. Sorry this is such a silly post but it has bothered me all day. I am completely stumped and a little weirded out. So odd!