March 27, 2009


I have a question and really need responses. Can you view the entire layout of my blog template, meaning to you see the pink background and the elements on the sides of my blog such as the stethescope and such? I would really like responses bc I am creating a project and need to know if this size is a good size. I have a larger computer screen and wasn't really aware until recently that what I see, others may not. Feedback!

By the way, resolution, pixels etc gives me a stress headache. :/


KLS said...

I see everything except the very edge of the -s- and the -e- in "nurse", down in the right hand side, that and the nurse's hand. I have a widescreen, 1280x1024, if that helps at all.

Christy said...

That does help. Thank you! I also have a wide screen and was confused about a universal size. Hmmm...this is a tricky little booger.

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