March 8, 2009


I wasn't going to talk about this but....WTF is Rhianna thinking getting back together with Chris Brown? What she is doing is typical of a person who get's abused...they go back possibly thinking it was their fault. They think they can fix 'them'. After hearing of the even that took place that night and seeing her face, then him in Miami on JET SKIS...disgusting. He is not going to change Rhianna and guess what? He will hit you again. We may not know about it, but it will happen.

Did you read the police report? He hit her over the head multiple times while she shielded her face and even put her in a headlock and she almost passed out! He could have killed her. Imagine how many people die by accident. So many women (and men) are abused and the intent wasn't to kill but they ended up dying. And furthermore, why isn't her camp, family, friends etc doing anything to stop this? Who is there to tell her to stay away from him, atleast until he gets the proper help he needs and some counceling for herself? Sigh. Is she blind?????

She has asked that the judge doesn't make him stay away from her. I hope the judge doesn't listen. I hope he sentences him to jail time to teach these punks that they can't beat the shit out of a woman and get away with it. What kind of lesson are they sending??? GRRR..this pisses me off! I am having Bobby and Whitney flashbacks...scary.

Anyhow, I hope she wises up and gets the hell away from him, but I doubt it.


KELmomRN2b said...

The whole thing makes me sick. Especially that he's just a 19 year old PUNK. He needs his a** kicked.

Christy said...

Yes he does....but I bet everyone is kissing his a** bc he's a 'star'. Pffft!