March 15, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Things that are currently annoying me:

-The cat. He puked huge fur balls on my brand new satin comforter and when I washed it, for immediate stain relief, it ruined it. One more time and I'm putting an ad in the paper. (I never even wanted this cat)Grr.

- Lindsay Lohan. Who cares about her? It's evident that she is a complete idiot. Who else would throw their career away so blatantly? Ugh. If I see her orange face one more time...

- Heartburn. I have the WORST heartburn of my life. It's actually painful, as in...OUCH! It will not go away. Maybe I have an ulcer.

- The weather. How do you go from 80 degrees to 40 degrees in one day? Not to mention earthquakes, wind storms and ice storms all in a few months. I thought I lived in the midwest?!

- Sundays. Sunday is just a reminder that Monday is near. I much prefer Fridays, because it's a day of infinite possibilities.

- Money. There is never enough to go around.

- Unfinished projects. Never put something off until tomorrow what can be done today, OR ELSE IT WILL NEVER GET FINISHED! (A-hem! Painting)

- Laundry.