March 12, 2009

My Fav AI Performances of All Time!

This season will be a fun one I think. I always fast forward through the first few weeks and love to watch the top 12 (or 13 this season) start singing. So far, I'm loving Danny Gokey and Adam whatshisface with the emo black hair??? Oh, and I also like the Jason Mraz-ish cute boy that sang with the guitar. He he. (I'll learn the names better once they sing more). Although Adam is a lil (A LOT) flamboyant, when he hits those 80's rock band high notes.... watch out! WOAH!

In honor of a new season of AI, and just because I wanted to, I you-tubed my fav AI performances (I remember them all so well). I think these performances stand out and alone above the rest!!!! I'd like to know YOURS as well! :-)

1) Bo Bice: In a Dream (this song gives me cold chills everytime I hear it and he will forever be my favorite contestant of all time). He is so real and down to earth. I love Bo, his voice, his personality, his grace and gratefulness. Acapella...simply beautiful and mesmorizing. This is the real deal folks.

2) Carrie Underwood: Alone If this song doesn't show how talented Carrie is, then I don't know what does. I remember hearing this and thinking...DAYUM that girl has got some major pipes!!!!! She made everyone on the show, besides Bo Bice, look like ameteurs. How she was not discovered before AI is a mystery. I am glad I got to watch her evolve on this show.

3)David Cook: The World I Know: I cried when I heard him sing this, I know, I'm so sappy. I love Collective Soul and the fact that he sang this as his final performance....sigh. He can make any song completely original. I'm so glad he sang this and am proud of him for it. He's a real talent. I was over the moon when he won. He truly deserved it. David Cook has so much heart and soul. I love him.

4) David Archuleta: Heaven I heard this song in my sleep and it woke me up...literally. (See long ago post). I was thinking who the heck was that?!!! I think this song is perfect for him because he sings like an angel. He is so precious, adorable and has a God given talent. I cannot wait to hear more from him, forever and ever and ever. His voice soothes my soul and this performance brought tears to me eyes, and apparently I'm not the only one...

5) Chris Daughtry: Hemorrhage First of all, I L-O-V-E Fuel and he did this song some major justice and you could feel his heart in the song. When I heard Chris sing this song I thought...well, there's your winner right there! He stood out against the crowd foshizzle!

6) Bo Bice: Whipping Post The Allman Brothers is one of my all time favorite bands (SERIOUSLY) and when I heard Bo would be singing one of my all time favorite songs, Whipping Post, I was like hell yeah!!!!!!!!! There is nearly not enough blues on AI. He gave his whole self to this performance and I have watched it probably a hundred times. Bo never strayed from who he was for a tv show and that is what I loved so much about him. He's so authentic. He owned that stage from day one! Go Bo!

7) Jennifer Hudson: Circle of Life Wow, what a powerful voice. I loved her from the beginning and couldn't believe she was elimated so soon. I knew she had something special and if you have seen Dream Girls then you know what I mean. Hello, this woman is a major vocailist. There is no denying it.

8) Bo Bice: For the Love of Money OK, this is one of the BEST performaces I've ever seen on AI, EVER! I would have put it higher, but I didn't want anyone to think I was a Bo Bice stalker! (I am) This guys is a seasoned performer and he proves it with this song. YOU MUST WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9) Carrie Underwood: Making Love Out of Nothing At All Seriously? Come on! This chick could sing the yellow pages. She sings her HEART out! Wow.

10) Chris Daughtry: I Walk the Line OMG, this blew me away. This guy is so talented and this song is so f'n amazing! (Also see his interpretation of Have you ever really loved a sexy. Wooo!)

11) David Archuleta: Imagine David's voice is an instrument, there's no denying it. If anyone says this kid doesn't have talent then they're just deaf. He has such a beautiful and eloquent voice. I wish really good things for him. If only I could sing like that! lol

There are many more..........

WHat are your favs?


Christine said...

I am not a big AI fan but I LOVE the David Cook "HELLO" makes me melt... I also like the pre-skruffy face.

Christy said...

Oh yea...I forgot about Hello! You're right, there's something very sexy about him...I think it's his mouth. he he.