March 23, 2009

Stethescope Tag

Tiffany tagged me and guess what? You're tagged too! Bwahahaha!

1)Post a picture of your stethescope:

Here's the big bad daddy himself. The Littman Cardiology III stethescope in plum and I love the color. (Bought with scholarship money, therefore I didn't have much sticker shock.)

2) Tell what you love about it:

I love this steth because I am quite deaf sometimes. I have had the lightweight & classic II Littmans, but needed better acoustics. I can hear the rush of the blood moving in and out of the chambers and the lung sounds are awesome with this one. Loud. I also love that it doesn't slip off my neck, hang down my back, slap me in the face while jogging down the hall, or hit a pt when I bend over. All of these things have happned with my lighter steths. It got annoying.

3) Tell what you hate about it:

It's HEAVY! I began to notice I was having neck pains at work, I thought it was due to stress, until I discovered it was my stethescope! So I only wear it now when I'm doing assessments. Otherwise I keep it in my pocket (if I have one) :)

4) Does it have a name?:

His name is Pain-In-The-Neck, but I can't part with him. Funny enough, I am quite attatched to this one.


Tiffany said...

Love it!! Im totally jealous! Does it really sound that great!! I want it!!