March 20, 2009

Bad-um Bum!

How ironic is it that President Obama spent the day with the CA Governor and his wife Maria Shriver that he would make a foolhardy joke about the Special Olympics? Was he aware that Maria's mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founded the Special Olympics? Whoops! At least he's doing damage control. I understand how this can upset many people and I'm quite certain it wasn't meant to cause harm. BUT it's definitely not something you say on Jay Leno in front of millions of people! I think you can tell he immediately realized what he said was wrong because he stumbled a little afterward. Tsk, tsk Obama!

I, however, laughed when I heard the joke, because, hey it was funny. Not funny in the, let's make fun of people way, but that he was genuinely making fun of himself way. Maybe if he used different terminology. Hmm. I also cringed because I thought about the way it would be handled in the press. When you're under the microscope Prez, you just can't blurt out everything you think, even if it is a little funny. ;)

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