March 24, 2009

Eye Candy

Who is the sexiest man alive? Why, Robert Pattinson, that's who! Look at those eyes, so smoldering and sensual. Dayum!!! Who knew Cedric Diggory could be so, so...HOT?!!!! Have you ever seen a man more beautiful? Sighhhhhhh. AND he is a musician to boot! Robert, you can nibble on my neck any time. ;) Excuse me for a moment while I gather my composure. In the meantime, scroll down and get your eyes full of a gorgeous piece of man! A-Hem. :-) SWOON!

(Sorry, I had a girly moment.)

Listen to Rob sing a beautiful little tune:


KLS said...

totally, utterly, thoroughly agree!

and I love what you've done with you design!!!

Christy said...

Thank you and A++++ For Robert Pattinson!!!!!

RN2BE said...

I am so with you, I am trying really hard to get over him but I just can't LOL