March 6, 2009


I've been digital scrapbooking for a while now. It's another one of my hobbies that is all consuming. Come to think of it....I have too many all consuming hobbies...reading, photography, scrapbooking, television....hmm. I think I should quit working altogether so I have time to pursue all my interests full on. What do you think? Professional hobby woman? If only.

Back to my's really a HUGE interest of mine and I've been learning to create my own pages etc so I can design and possibly sell my own kits. Yes, it's a big, COLOSSAL undertaking, but something I'm commited to. It may take forever though because I have discovered that I may have ADHD. I will start something and switch gears and go back. I have trouble focusing. I'm creatively overwhelmed. Hmmf! Anyhow, the website is in the works and I'm going to great pains to perfect it. It's annoying. I hate being a perfectionist. :/

Check out this awesome place to completely customize your webpage or blog at's really cool and allows your creativity to flow.


KLS said...

You and I are so incredibly alike! So many of the same hobbies and interests, and the ADHD thing, wow. One thing I haven't gotten too far into is the digital scrapbooking...and wont for at least another year or so, wonder why, ahem. Anyway. Speaking of I better get back to studying...grr.