March 29, 2009

Sing it!

So I just posted a very heavy blog about my grandmother and I need something light and about some American Idol? lol

Who are your favorites so far? Here is my top 3 favs so far:

1) Danny Gokey...I love a soulful voice and when Danny sings, you feel it. I love that about him. He is very genuine and as an artist he has his own sound as well. I also feel bad for him because his wife died only a couple of months before the AI auditions. :( As of right now, I think Danny will win it all.

Listen to this.....WOW! This voice was sent directly from Jesus.

2) Adam Lambert...his vocal range is insane!!!! He reminds me of Freddie Mercury (Queen) or Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and I thought this before Paula's response). I haven't heard a voice like that since the 80's hair bands. LOL When he hits those high notes effortlessly, I get chills. He's so original and current (and incredibly good looking) and he always puts his own spin on a song. That is what makes an artist, in my opinion. I don't care what the judges say, his rendition of Ring of Fire was smokin'. Bizarre or not, Adam's voice is WICKED! If you don't believe me, then skip to the 3:05 section of the video. HOLY HIGH NOTE!

3) Allison Iraheta...this girl is only 16 years old and she kicks some major ass! Sorry the vid quality isn't terrific. Fox is in cahoots with itunes now, so crap AI vids for us you tubers these days. She is the real deal. I love her! GAH!

On an ending note, I really love Kris Allen's folksy, indie style. He reminds me of Jason Mraz a lil bit. I also really think the Megan girl with the tattoo sleeve is cool. Her voice is Adele made over, but she's gorgeous! She needs to step it up though. Her song choices have sucked!

So those are my thoughts...what are yours???


KELmomRN2b said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Danny, Matt & Adam. I wish Alexis were still in it.