March 9, 2009

Kids are funny...

My son, Aidan, who is 6 cracks me up. We told him a week ago that on Wednesday we were going to eat lunch with him and he's sooooo scared we'll forget. He told me to put it in my brain so I'll remember. We told him we wouldn't forget and he said we had to write ourselves a note. (LOL) So we laughed, beacuse he's this tiny, little boy who has these huge ideas and a big imagination. It's just funny. THEN he gets mad because we're laughing and we explained it was because he was funny and cute in which he replies... "Don't laugh at me because you think I'm funny or cute, because it makes me shy and I may cry." (Laugh more) "Calm down! I'm SEWEEUS!"

Tomorrow: start orientation finally! BUT I don't want to...I am having too much fun having no job. Wah. ;)


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