March 19, 2009

My Groovy New Hospital

All this week I have been in 'new nurse' orientation (it's for all the new nurses at my hospital). I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this orientation. They have covered everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! From charting, to mock codes (LOVE!), to IV insertion, wound vacs, chest tubes...all of it. Most everything is different from what I am use to, but the thing I like so much about this hospital is that they prepare you. We have had to check off on every skill and I feel like I'm in nursing school all over again. Flashbacks...AHHH! However, I think it's a very good thing because it prepares you and allows you to learn their equipment with a hands on approach. At my last orientation, I was basically thrown in the pond and was told to swim. Not the best way to learn, I might add, but it did increase the shock value. So props for entertainment!

I am so very impressed with my new hospital that I feel it's kind of restored my passion for nursing again. Working night shift sucked the life right out of me, but I'm ready to hit the floor and do something worthwhile and rewarding again. It feels so good to leave for work at dawn and get home when the sun is still shining. Sometimes I just smile for no reason, because I feel like a human again.

Some of the many benefits at my new hospital include: free health club membership for all employees and free health screenings. 401k for everyone (my last job they only had a 403b...generic!), options of 12, 8 or 4 hour shifts, much cheaper insurance packages, free drinks from the cafeteria (hey, you can't knock the free drinks. Especially when it includes hot chocolate), and much more that I can't think of past the free beverages... lol.

Seriously though, this place just feels much more nurse oriented. They have ameneties that my other job would have laughed at such as...insulin pens. Wow, what a concept. Anyhow, I am getting off track. Just wanted to say how excited I am to be a nurse and how proud I am that this hospital really recognizes nurses and nursing as a profession. They support you one hundred percent to further your career and go as high as your tired legs will take you. It's inspiring to hear the nurses come in and educate us with their overflowing experience and how they began just like me and now, they're the head of trauma, ICU or nursing ed. It's just cool.

There are two campuses to this particular hospital and I will be at the brand new one. It's only three years old and is SCHWEET! It looks like a hotel inside. The rooms are enormous! There are places to chart all over the place called 'pods' so you don't have to sit and chart in the busy station areas. They have thought of everything. Every linen, med, paperwork, chart, etc is all right outside each pt's room, so it's very convenient and saves you a lot of time running around. The assistants do a lot for you there that I am not accustomed to...foleys, chemstrips, EKG's etc. Also, the pharmacy will actually crush your meds for you if you need it! GASP! I'm really excited about that small task. If you could have only seen me with the medieval 100lb pill crusher...oy! Crushing meds can take so much time out of your day, if you don't believe me, try crushing a potassium's a good 15 minute job. Wink. And the ICU's! I've ever heard of so many ICU departments. Cardiovascular ICU, Med Surg ICU (which is equivelant to my old med surg floor), pediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU, Renal ICU...I mean, I'm overwhelmed by that completely. We only had one...(ONE!!!) ICU and my 'old' (I keep saying that) hospital had a lot more beds. It's just bizarre, but very cool.

Oh they also have a new, state of the art robot that assists in surgerys. Scary right? I'm not sure what the robot does, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. Here are some actual photos from my new place of employment :)

Tomorrow is my last day of new nurse, then I have 2 computer classes next week. After all that is complete I will start orienting on my units. Ugh, I said unit'S'. I only get three days per unit. Let's pray I don't fall flat on my face. ;-)


Drofen said...

Oh my goodness, Christy, you're back! I've missed you!

No, I mean the real you, bubbly and happy like this. :)

KLS said...

Wow, that's all so very awesome. Thanks for re-energizing this nursing student to what is possible out there!

Christy said...

D, I kinda missed me too.

Christy said...

K-That's what I love about nursing...the possibilities!